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A 3 seater sofa is a very good option for a nuclear or small family. It's an essential piece of furniture that is not only helpful as per its functionality but also makes your home look stunning and attractive without any additional effort. Three seater sofa is really a perfect and comfortable piece of furniture for a small family and close gatherings of friends. In addition to this Wooden Sole offers the best custom sofas online at a very low price with premium quality furniture.

    140 products

    140 products

    Aesthetic and Trendy 3-Seater Sofas for Your Living Room

    Wooden Sole is available online and can deliver your ordered furniture across pan India and serves their customers with the best quality furniture at a decent rate. Which is quite comfortable and gives your home an aesthetic and trendy look. You can get stylish and trendy furniture designs online, We have 3 seater custom sofas in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, etc. which is ideal for a small family, Therefore, you can visit our website and see the available designs, and if you want to add something else, our team members will assist with all your needs and demands. 

    Premium 3 Seater Sofa Online in India For Family, Friends, and Much More

    Exclusive 3 seater sofa online for the small or nuclear family where you can enjoy the spare time of your life with your loved ones. This piece of furniture is ideal for people living in metropolitan regions with their nuclear family and who have limited space at their home. This 3 seater sofa for the living room perfectly fits at your home and gives your home an entirely different and elegant look. We also have sofas that have dual functionality. It works as a sofa cum bed or Rolled Arm 3 seater sofa which is perfect if you are struggling with less space at your home. These 2 in 1 functions make this furniture worth buying without worrying about the space of your home.

    Find a Variety of Modern 3 Seater Sofas at Wooden Sole

    We have plenty of three seater fabric sofas in different designs and colors which give your home an extremely beautiful look without even investing a large sum of money as well as energy some varieties are listed below:-

    • Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa- Chesterfield features a gorgeous deep-buttoned pattern that has developed over decades and now has earned its status as a design classic.

    • Rolled Arm 3 Seater Sofa- Due to its more rounded design, a sofa with this style of the arm would be regarded as more classic. This is thought to be a little more casual, making your home feel cozy and laid-back. It gives your home a very traditional and stunning vibe.

    • 3 Seater Sofa with Storage- Due to the additional benefit of storing extra stuff, 3 seater sofa with storage have different fan bases. All you need to do is just lift it and store extra blankets, pillows, and any other commodities.

    • 3 Seater Wooden Sofa- Wooden sofas offer warmth to your room and go well with the furnishings you already have. A house with a medium-sized hall is ideal for a three-seater sofa. Yes, it provides you with a comfy seat and really aids in relaxing during your free time with your family.

    • 3 Seater Fabric Sofa- The soft, cozy, and comfortable fabric of a three-seater fabric sofa makes it ideal for lounging. Natural fabrics like cotton, velvet, lenin, etc. can be used in a variety of ways to upholster it.

    • Sofa Cum Bed- This furniture is great if you have limited space in your home. You may get a sofa bed that functions as a sofa and can be converted into a bed at any time, which is particularly beneficial if unexpected guests or more family members come.

    Since Wooden Sole offers fast delivery, high-quality products, and custom sofa options, you can order any variety of Exclusive 3 seater sofas for your home at a very affordable price without even leaving your home. This allows you to choose any style, fabric, and color without any hassle. So grab your phone and head over to our website to examine all the options we have to offer and select the one that best fits your location.

    Why A Three-Seater Sofa Is Essential

    Rather than bulky sofa 3 seater wooden sofas is helpful for us, there are some points mentioned which really convenience you to get modern 3 seater sofas instead of bulky sofas:- 

    • Comfortable in Seating- 3 seater sofas are really comfortable for a small family where you can enjoy spare time with your loved ones, also it requires very less space compared to heavy sofas.

    • Easy to Move- As these sofas are not very big in size you can easily move them whenever required and place them anywhere you want in your home as it requires very less space.

    • Range of Designs- These couches are currently highly popular and beloved by both our younger and older generations, so you may choose from a selection of 3 seater wooden sofas for your living room.

    • Dual Functionality- These days, it is possible to find 3 seater sofas with storage, which is one of the things that makes these sofas so desired in comparison to others because they are simple to use, provide great levels of comfort, and come with storage for a relatively reasonable price.

    Make Use of Wooden Sole's Experts to Get Your Dream Custom Sofa

    Purchase a three-seater couch with great levels of customization from Wooden Sole. You may get a custom 3 seater wooden sofas from our website for a significantly lower price than our rivals, regardless of the type of wood and fabric you like for your sofa. Our team members have decades of experience in making any design and finishing. You may use these 3 seater couches in your office as well, so get rid of the plastic chairs there and replace them with a luxurious 3 seater sofa to provide comfortable seating for your customers with Wooden Sole 3 seater sofas.

    In Accordance with Your Budget, Wooden Sole Offers Exclusive 3 Seater Sofas:-

    We offer a variety of best 3 seater sofa which perfectly fit your home and well as your pocket some of our deals are listed below:-

    • 3 Seater Sofas Under 29,999- You can get a lightweight, premium-quality, fabric sofas that is exquisite in appearance and offers you a cozy, soothing spot to spend time with your loved ones. Nayobi 3 seater sofa and Citron 3 seater fabric sofa etc. are a few of the well-known 3 seater sofas in this line.

    • 3 Seater Sofas Under 39,999-If you have a budget in this range, there are a number of vintage-style velvet sofa fabric available with lengthy backrests, such as the Morrison 3 seater fabric sofa and Loren 3 seater fabric sofa, etc., 

    • 3 Seater Sofas Under 49,999-In this range you can purchase opulent Fabric sofas with deep button designs that will enhance the appearance of your living room,  some of the different varieties which come under this price range such as the Daisy L-shaped 3-seater sofa.


    Q. What Exactly Is a Three-Seat Sofa?
    A. The seating surface of a three-seater sofa of conventional size is roughly 72 inches wide, 38 inches deep, and 34 inches high. However, this may differ from one brand to another. Therefore find the ideal new sofa for your living area with the assistance of our guidelines given online on the website.

    Q. A Three-Seater Sofa Is Made of What Materials?
    A. For the manufacturing of a three-seater sofa, a variety of materials are used. For the wood, we use solid wood and for the fabric, we use cotton (faux cream, patchy cream, teal blue, floral printed), and velvet (charcoal grey, dark purple, forest green, mustard yellow, pink, and royal blue). Many more 

    Q. What Kinds of 3-Seater Sofas Are Available on Wooden Sole?
    A. We have all varieties of 3 seater sofas in Wooden Sole like Chesterfield 3 seater sofa, Rolled Arm 3 seater sofa,3 seater sofa with storage, 3 seater fabric sofa, Sofa cum bed, etc. anything you want we have all collections.

    Q. In My Living Room at Home, Can I Put a Three-Seater Sofa?
    A. Yes definitely 3-seater sofas are very comfortable, occupy very less space, and give your home an elegant and stunning look so overall it's the best option.

    Q. How Much Does the Three-Seater Sofa Usually Cost?
    A. Well, the cost of a 3-seater sofa depends on many factors like wood, fabrics, and all but the average cost price for 3-seater sofas are between 24999 to 38000.

    Q. What Size Is a Conventional Three-Seater Sofa in India?
    A. In India, a three-seater sofa may typically be found in sizes ranging from 72 to 90 inches.

    Q. What Should I Do to Care for a Three-Seat Sofa?
    A. Regular dusting and vacuuming of the furniture will enable you to eliminate any stains from the fabric as soon as they appear; in case of an emergency or if you feel unable to clean it yourself, call a professional.

    Q. Describe a Three-Seater Sofa Set.
    A. The name of the couch type is self-explanatory because a maximum of three people can sit on it. Due to its practicality and comfort, it is also a common sofa style found in most homes. Also, it is easy to move and has a high range of designs.

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