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Nothing is more relaxing than relaxing into a soft arm chair with a book and a warm cup of your favourite coffee in morning. You can choose from a large selection of armchairs at Wooden Sole, so whether you're looking for a statement piece or a classic wooden armchair, you'll find the right one. The ideal chair can completely transform the look and feel of your living area, acting as an eye-catching focus point and encouraging lively conversations with guests. These wood armchairs for the living room blend in beautifully with dining rooms and bedrooms, giving any location a cosy yet elegant feel. You can easily order wooden arm chairs that match the style of your home online in India. If you want to give your home both elegance and comfort, head to Wooden Sole.

    90 products

    90 products

    Find Stylish Armchairs Online at Low Costs on Wooden Sole!

    Since they provide a comfortable seat with side support, armchairs have been appreciated as "accent chair" for decades. To satisfy everyone's preferences and provide the utmost comfort, they are available in a variety of fabrics. An armchair is an ideal choice whether you want to rest after a hard day in the kitchen or read your favourite book before bed.

    A wooden armchair instantly improves the appearance of any space when you purchase one online. These armchairs add added comfort and convenience while flawlessly complementing any room's design. You can browse through many designs of armchairs that go with your home décor when you purchase them online. We have a variety of options available, whether you want wooden armed chairs with soft cotton fabric for a modern rustic look or a rich velvet armchair for a pop of color. Our goal at Wooden Sole is to provide high-quality furnishings and home accessories at reasonable costs. Finding a sitting chair that fits your budget won't be difficult.

    Choosing the Ideal Armchair Material for Your Home

    The material of your armchair is important. It influences how it seems, feels, and fits within the atmosphere of your home. We have a variety of materials available at Wooden Sole. Here is a simple guide to assist you in choosing the ideal one:

    Wooden Armchair: Simple and classy, wood matches with any furniture. It is durable, simple to maintain, and has a long lifespan.

    Upholstered Chair: Elegant and cozy, upholstered chairs have a classic appeal. The fabric can be changed to reflect your style, and the padding provides added comfort.

    Fabric Armchair: Ideal for all seasons because it breathes, keeping you comfortable in both the summer and the winter. Additionally, you can pick textiles that fit your décor in a variety of colors and designs of fabric armchairs.

    Leather Armchair: Displaying luxury and attentiveness, these leather living room arm chairs are elegant. It is comfortable all year round because it is spongy and changes with the weather.

    Metal Armchair: Metal armchairs combine comfort and durability while being strong and fashionable. We provide a range of alternatives, from plush recliners to slick metal armchairs.

    Select an material of arm chair online that best compliments your style and house.

    Check out Various Armchair Styles on a Wooden Sole

    People are very particular when choosing wooden arm chairs for living room. Our selection of armchairs at Wooden Sole features chic prints and patterns that will up the opulence of your living room. Choose a wooden armchair with a variety of designs for some added color. Explore our exclusive selection of designer armchairs with arms and pick the one that best suits your needs and your style.

    High Back Armchair: This chair arm combines comfort and design. It offers good support for your head, neck, and back thanks to its tall backrest. The striking side panels frequently go all the way to the armrests, giving it the look of a chic accent chair.

    Mid Back Armchair: This type of armchair is made to be a multipurpose addition to your home. To provide comfortable seating, they offer traditional living room furniture with a medium-sized backrest that softly slopes inward. This chair with armrest is available in appealing tufted alternatives or sleek patterns, perfect for smaller settings.

    Low Back Armchair: A low-back armchair is a stylish piece of functional furniture. Even though it has the shortest backrest, its velvety cushion offers relaxation. This chair's curved back and spacious seat make it ideal for brief times of relaxation while providing hours of unbroken enjoyment.

    Rocking Armchair: Every home should include a rocking armchair since it offers a comfortable place to unwind and rest. Whether you spend the day at home or have a long day at work, you can relax in its comfort. Visit our website to find a cozy rocking chair, then put it wherever you like. 

    Factors to Consider When Buying an Armchair Online

    With so many affordable options readily available online, finding the ideal armchair to upgrade your seating and improve your home decor is simpler than ever. Before making your purchase, bear in mind the following crucial advice:

    Size & Space: For a good fit, measure the available space in your room and take the chair's measurements into account.

    Comfort and Support: For ergonomic comfort, look for chairs with sufficient padding, a high backrest, and supportive armrests.

    Style and Design: Pick a chair that meets your aesthetic choices in terms of colour, upholstery, and design components while also enhancing your decor.

    Functionality: Consider features like reclining, swivelling, or rocking options based on your demands and the chair's intended purpose.

    Quality and Durability: For long-lasting use, check the upholstery quality, frame durability, and construction materials.

    Budget: Determine a pricing range and take into account the chair's value in light of its features and build quality. To get the greatest deal, look for special offers and discounts.

    What Makes Wooden Sole the Best Option for Your Armchair Needs?

    You can find a sturdy designer at an affordable arm chair price at Wooden Sole. Take advantage of substantial savings with our seasonal and holiday offers. Find arm-chairs that exactly complement your interior style by choosing from a selection of colors, patterns, and designs.

    Discover our extensive selection of arm chairs India, which includes rocking chairs, office chairs, foldable chairs, metal chairs, and benches. Choose foldable folding chairs if space is an issue. Use them as needed and put them away conveniently when not in use.

    Every home is different, and the furniture in yours should reflect your tastes and demands, according to Wooden Sole. We provide customization choices for our armchairs. Your armchair will be a unique piece of furniture that smoothly matches your home décor since you may choose the upholstery, color, and design features that are exactly in line with your vision.


    Q. What Differentiates Lounge Chairs from Armchairs?
    A. The comfort and aesthetic appeal of armchairs make them perfect for lounging for a lengthy time in a living room. However, lounge chairs are made for relaxation and act as elegant accent pieces. They focus on comfort and relaxation with a more lowered and reclined seating position, making them ideal for relaxing after a hard day.

    Q. Does an Armchair Provide Comfort?
    A. Armchairs are known for their exceptional comfort. Their armrests give you a place to rest your arms, which relieves pressure on the neck and spine. Additionally, some armchairs can recline, adding to the comfort by including a footrest.

    Q. Are Leather Armchairs Easy to Maintain?
    A. Yes, leather armchairs require minimal care. To get rid of dust and spills, wipe them off with a moist cloth. Regular cleaning of the leather keeps its durability and look.

    Q. What Size Armchair Should Fit in My Living Room?
    A. Your available space will determine the size of an armchair. However, a standard armchair is usually between 30 and 36 inches wide, 30 to 40 inches deep, and 32 to 40 inches tall. You can customise your armchair according to your needs.

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