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Your living room's centre table is the absolute power player. It's useful for entertaining visitors, watching TV, and reading quietly. When you're exhausted, it supports your drinks, books, and feet. It's not just a center table; it's the star of your living room. Grab a stylish centre table to make your home look amazing. You may give your living space a completely new look by changing the centre table. You can buy a custom table from Wooden Sole that is both fashionable and well-made online. They'll last for a very long time and aren't overly pricey. Why then wait? Get your centre table from Wooden Sole today by ordering online!

    32 products

    32 products

    Various Types of Centre Table Styles for Your Beautiful Home

    Wooden Centre Tables: A wooden center table would look great in a traditional or classic living room. Wood is a common material for furniture because it is strong, simple to repair, and appealing. It complements the room's other wooden furnishings and has a fantastic appearance. You can give it several finishes to fit your style.

    Glass Centre Tables: A glass center table comes with a clear, frosted, or coloured top. Because they are transparent, they give your room a light and airy feeling. While glass is unaffected by moisture, heat can cause it to break. Glass tables look great in modern, refined, and stylish settings.

    Marble Center Tables: Marble tables are strong but weighty. Particularly in monochrome settings, they look gorgeous and give your room a touch of luxury. Give your living room furniture a glamorous look with the glossy finish of the marble center table.

    Metal Center Tables: Excellent options include stainless steel, brass, MS. They are durable and difficult to harm. The metal centre table is sturdy and capable of supporting big items. Alternatively, you can paint or lacquer them to make them match the style of your room.

    Rattan Center Tables:  Rattan, once mainly used for outdoor furniture, is now a trendy choice for various pieces, including bed backs, accent chairs, and lighting. It made a strong comeback. Rattan center table is now used to make luxurious, beautifully crafted furniture for interior settings that are long-lasting and appealing. Rattan coffee and center tables are handcrafted and are widely available online.

    Choose the Best Centre Table Shape for Your Space:

    It's important to measure the space you have available before choosing a centre table for your living room and balcony. For improved convenience, especially when hosting guests or keeping tea table literature, think about modern center tables with seats and storage choices. Discover the various sizes and shapes of centre tables at Wooden Sole.

    Round Centre Tables: With its beautiful curves and well-balanced balance, a round centre table living room bleeds elegance. The circle's shape encourages easy communication and welcoming gatherings. This round center table has no harsh edges, safety is a benefit, and it effortlessly blends into various decor styles, giving your living area a gentle, sophisticated touch.

    Square Centre Tables: With its simple lines and acute angles, a square center table wooden gives your room structure and equilibrium. It has a contemporary appearance and is the ideal choice for minimalist and modern aesthetics. Additionally, the square design offers lots of practical and exhibition surface area. Sectional sofas and larger furniture sets look great with a square center table for sofa. They nicely fill empty areas, especially in modern dwellings. For more surface area, you can alternatively place two next to each other.

    Rectangle Center Tables: The traditional and adaptable rectangle center table design is suitable for a range of room sizes and configurations. Its extended design provides lots of space for serving, decorating, and storing things. It acts as a focal point, bringing peace and elegance to your area whether placed in the middle or up against a wall. The center tables for drawing room offer enough surface space for a variety of functions.

    Oval Centre Tables: Oval tables, like circular ones, are movable and safe in families with kids or pets since they lack sharp corners.

    Browse Different Centre Table Designs for Your Home

    Timeless Appeal of Traditional Center Tables: 

    Since they have lasted for centuries, traditional center tables are a common sight in Indian houses. Exquisite carvings and decorations give them an ageless appeal. This center table wood made of solid wood and often has rectangular or oval designs, lending a sense of refinement to your living area.

    Contemporary Centre Tables: Embracing Modernity:

    Contemporary center tables are an expression of modern design and functionality. They are the definition of modern urban living spaces, with their sleek lines, modern materials, and minimalist design. With their sleek, fashionable, and contemporary forms, these centre tables not only add functionality to your living area but also up its style factor. center table for drawing room is all about embracing modernism in your home design, whether you choose glass, metal, or wooden materials. Your living space will look more contemporary with these tables.

    Modern Centre Tables with Sleek Simplicity for Your Home

    Simplicity, clean lines, and the harmonious synthesis of functionality and aesthetics are prioritised in modern design. centre table for living room fits well into Indian homes and complement the house's overall design aesthetic. Visit Wooden Sole today to browse and buy a contemporary centre table online for your living room.

    Embracing the Appeal of Rustic Centre Tables

    Designs for rustic center tables provide a singular and specialised option, conjuring up memories of bygone eras. These tables, which usually consist of wood, have more solid, or palettes than contemporary coffee tables do. Rustic designs highlight authenticity.

    The Unique Appeal of Industrial Centre Tables: Industrial Elegance

    Ash or walnut center tables from industrial furniture offer a unique and eye-catching complement to your room. These tables stand out not just for their rich wood material but also for their distinctive leg design.

    Choosing the Ideal Centre Table for Your Home: A Useful Guide

    Consider these crucial elements when selecting the perfect center table for your home:

    Shape: Consider the shape—whether rectangular, square, circular, or oval—that best suits the design of your room. Make sure it blends well with the style of your living area and is compatible with your sofa set and chairs.

    Size: To ensure a suitable fit, carefully measure the available space. For ease, pick a size that's equal to the room's measurements and the height of your sofa because proportionality is important.

    Functionality: Establish the function of the table. Do you require space for serving guests, storage, or a glass top for simple cleaning? Or coffee and center tables? Choose a design that satisfies your unique requirements.

    Design: Match the center table's style with the decor of your entire room. Discover a style that suits your preferences, whether they are historic, modern, rustic, industrial, or minimalist.

    Material:  Consider the table's material options, which include metal, glass, and wood. Highlight long-lastingness, ease of maintenance, and a finish that goes well with the other living room furnishings.

    Budget: Set a spending limit that works with your financial strategy. To ensure an enjoyable purchase without regrets, stay within your budget

    Gorgeous Customised Wooden Centre Tables: Choose the Style That Suits You Best!

    Our elegant home centre online are made of wood and carefully created from premium materials to transform your living area center table decor. You can choose the wood finish, size, and design from our collection to exactly match your taste and the space you have available. At Wooden Sole, our centre table design wooden can be customized table to suit specific tastes, whether you favor a rustic charm design, a sleek modern style, or an antique design. A center table for living room that reflects your style can help you appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship and create a statement in your house.


    Q. Are Coffee Tables the Same as Centre Tables?
    A. In living rooms, coffee and end tables are both focal points. Smaller coffee tables are usually placed in the middle of couches. They're functional, offering a surface for snacks, drinks, or mobiles and books. Alternatively, center tables are more focused on aesthetics and often used for adornment, which makes them a more ornamental addition.

    Q. What Is a Teapoy?
    A. An item of furniture with Indian origins, a teapoy is similar to a center table. At first, it was a three-legged table. India continues to flavor wooden teapoy designs because of their size and usefulness.

    Q. What is the Ideal Center Table Size?
    A. The ideal center table size usually measures about two-thirds of the length of your sofa, providing a balanced look and easy access. A length of 16-18 (41 and 46 cm) inches works well in most living rooms.

    Q. What are The Different Types of Center Tables Available Online?
    A. You can find a variety of center tables online, including:

    • Wooden Center Tables: Durable and flexible, made of a variety of wood.
    • Glass Center Tables: Elegant and modern, frequently with tops that are clear or colored.
    • Marble Center Tables: Elegant and sturdy, with gorgeous marble surfaces.
    • Metal Center Tables: Contemporary and reliable, constructed of brass or stainless steel.

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