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We could keep the coffee table in our living room, which is one of the most lovely pieces of furniture we could have. When visitors arrive at your house, this immediately catches their eye. To give your coffee table a more attractive appearance, you may do a number of ornamental things like keeping some pots on it, some antique pieces, etc. On our website, you can view a variety of coffee tables to help you decide which one best complements your style and the decor of your home. Additionally, our firm, Wooden Sole, allows you a variety of possibilities to order a custom table and get the furniture of your dreams.

    32 products

    32 products

    A Perfect Coffee and Centre Table That Will Catch Everyone's Eye

    When you enter someone's home, a coffee table is usually one of the first things that catch your eye. If you want your home to have the same eye-catching appearance, visit Wooden Sole to find the best selection of wooden coffee table designs all in one location. And for a very little cost, add a Centre table to the middle of your living room to give your house a lovely and revitalizing appearance.

    Let's Talk Briefly About the Evolution of the Coffee Table

    For the first time in history, a wooden table is specifically designed as a coffee table that dates back to 1868 during the time of queen Victoria. This table was designed by E.W Godwin and he listed it for the first time as a coffee table. During this period this table was designed to keep tea and coffee cups for people. This time the fashion of drinking tea was at its peak. Therefore people bought coffee tables due to their trendy fashion although at that time the coffee tables were taller than today’s low-slung coffee tables. Books, candles, and coffee or tea were placed on these tables, which were created specifically to stand at the back of the sofa. The original coffee/tea tables were constructed of wood and created in Britain.

    Types of Center/coffee Tables for Your Living Room Area

    Since there is no one right method to design a centre or coffee table, each coffee table designer came up with a unique design that suited their personal aesthetic.

    Based on Materials

    The handful of these sorts of coffee tables that Wooden Sole sells are listed below.

    • Wooden Coffee Tables-  The most prevalent sort of center table in most areas is a wood coffee table. We provide a variety of styles for center coffee tables made of solid wood, such as Sheesham,mango, acacia for long-lasting use.

    • Glass Top Center Tables- The top of this style of centre table is composed of durable tempered glass, which is heat-resistant and simple to clean. They are typically regarded as luxury furniture that attract plenty of people to admire the room they have been placed in and look significantly better than center tables made of wood.

    • Marble Top Center Tables- A trendy and contemporary center table with a marble top is heat resistant, easy to clean, and has a polished appearance. Additionally, the cost of production is a little lower.

    Based on Shapes

    The coffee table can be made in any shape to suit your home and preferences; there is no set shape for it.

    • Rectangular- Huge sizes are recommended in the case of rectangular coffee tables, which are one of the most prevalent shapes of center tables that we typically find in everyone's living room.

    • Round- Since they seem exotic and enhance the elegance of your home, round center tables are typically employed for aesthetic purposes. Round coffee tables also have the benefit of taking up very little space.

    • Oval- Oval tables are common in offices because they offer the space a streamlined, sophisticated appearance. Therefore, these kinds of modern coffee tables are preferred in offices.

    Purchase a Stunning Coffee Table for Your Beautiful Living Space Online At Wooden Sole

    Wooden Sole offers you a high-quality and beautiful center/coffee table for your living room without going anywhere just seating in your own place. You only have to do one thing: just grab your mobile phone and browse our website and look at the varieties of coffee tables online. No matter what kind of coffee table sets you are looking for, we have a collection of coffee tables online in India in Wooden Sole where you get every product at a reasonable rate from the market. Therefore buying furniture online from Wooden Sole makes your home look stunning with minimal effort and investment.

    Affordable Customization Options Without Any Hustle and Effort

    Without any additional work, Wooden Sole gives you a high customization options in wood, finish, fabric, metal etc. Where you can design coffee table of your choice, Whether you desire a center table with a marble top or a round wood coffee table. We offer a wide selection at competitive prices, so browse coffee tables from Wooden Sole and order any style, size, and material you desire. Our staff will construct everything as required. So, to receive a piece of modern furniture, simply place an order on our website and buy coffee table of your choice.

    When Shopping for Coffee Tables Online, Watch Out for These Things

    Before taking the final decision to buy a coffee table from any online Wooden Sole, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

    • Shape- Choose the coffee table's shape based on your living space and where you plan to keep it. Instead of choosing small coffee tables if you have limited space for them, choose a round coffee table because it takes up less room and so fits wonderfully in a compact space. 
    • Size- You must choose the size of the tea table and coffee table after deciding on the shape. The table shouldn't be any closer to your couch's seat than 2-3 inches. A standard-sized couch looks great with a coffee table or center table that is 15-20 inches high.
    • Functionality- The usefulness of the furniture you are about to purchase is the most crucial factor, therefore look for storage before making an online purchase of a coffee table and consider how much weight it can support. Additionally, match the coffee table price with the variety of functions it provides.
    • Material- Not only should the coffee table's design be considered, but also the furniture's construction substance. Therefore, before purchasing any furniture Online, search for the type of material the manufacturer used to make such furniture. If the material is not strong enough, it will not last as long.
    • Damage Query- See the damage policy the firm offers if the customer gets a coffee table or other piece of furniture that is damaged before making a final choice to purchase any type of furniture goods.


    Q. What Is the Standard Coffee Table?

    A. The ideal center table is 47 inches long and 27 inches broad for a two-seat sofa, but if you want a coffee table for a three-seat sofa, choose a table that is 53 inches long. However, this depends on the sort of sofa you have.

    Q. What Specifications Apply to Coffee Tables?

    A. Although the proportions of coffee tables vary from brand to brand, most coffee tables have a set width and height. The normal height operates from 18 inches, while the typical width extends from 40 inches.

    Q. What Function Does a Coffee Table Serve?

    A. When you are relaxing with your family or entertaining guests, coffee tables can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can keep juices, coffee, and tea on them. Additionally, it serves as decor, giving your house a magnificent appearance overall. You may also decorate the center table with pots and decorative items to give your house a beautiful appearance.

    Q. What Should the Price of a Coffee Table Be?

    A. Although the cost of a coffee table varies depending on its material, size, and utility. However, the average cost of a center or coffee table is between ₹9,000 and ₹25,000.

    Q. What Is the Lifespan of a Coffee Table?

    A. The usual lifespan of a coffee table is between 5 and 20 years, depending on a variety of factors, including the type of material used in its construction, the amount of safety equipment utilized, and general wear and tear.

    Q. How Can I Choose the Best Coffee/Tea Table?

    A. Just look for a few tips.

    • Keep in mind the space you have to keep the coffee table.

    • The height of the sofa where you want to keep the center table so that both are compatible with each other.

    • Choose the color and design of the center/coffee table which goes with the color of other furniture present in your living room.

      Q. Is There a Coffee Table with a Glass Top Available?

      A. Yes, Wooden Sole designs coffee tables of a variety of styles and types, we also offer customization options so you get anything combination you want. However, if you want a coffee table with a glass top, Wooden Sole is the best option where you get coffee table sets at a reasonable price.

      Q. What Weight Capacity Should a Coffee Table Have?

      A. It all depends on the size, form, and substance of the coffee table, as some coffee tables can support up to 50 pounds of weight. Others have a 400-pound capacity or can support that weight. As a result, you can check or calculate it online by entering the table type and maximum allowed weight.

      Q. What Materials Go into the Construction of a Coffee Table?

      A. In order to create coffee tables, a variety of materials are utilized. For example, if we take wood, we have possibilities like Sheesham, mango, acacia etc., while for marbles and glasses, we have a variety of options. It is also given several finishes, including walnut, honey, white, distress, and natural, to give it a beautiful appearance and a high level of durability.

      Q. What Are Nesting Coffee Tables?

      A. Nesting tables are a group of tables that get bigger together to create a layered appearance. If you live in a small flat or house, these are excellent space-saving furniture options. The many tables can be slid into one another to form a single table. When the coffee tables are not in use, they are transportable and simple to shift from one place to another.

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