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Introducing the stunning dining table set from Wooden Sole, the ideal addition to your house. Our dining table sets are carefully crafted to enhance your dining area's style and usability. Our custom dining set is made to suit your particular tastes and requirements, whether you're having a dinner party for family or friends. There is a dining set to suit your taste, from classic to modern, due to the range of options we offer. Wooden Sole recognizes the value of a welcoming and cozy dining space, which is why our dining table sets are not just aesthetically pleasing but also cozy for those precious meals and discussions. Improve your meal experience with our exquisite dining facilities. Our exquisite dining sets will elevate your eating experience since they expertly combine comfort, durability, and style. Make your dining room the center of your house with Wooden Sole.

    41 products

    41 products

    Buy Dining Table Sets in India Online at the Best Prices from Wooden Sole

    Gatherings around the modern dining table set create the family closer with shared meals and cherished conversations. This piece of furniture is crucial because it holds the memories of everyday meals, happy occasions, and affecting conversations. Consequently, dining tables automatically take the top rank when looking for dining room furniture. They are central to your dining area, serving a practical purpose and adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room.

    Your desire for a dining table chair set design that reflects your taste is clear as you start your online search for the ideal dining table. With the added benefit of an affordable dining table set price in India, finding your ideal match from the wide selection of Wooden Sole becomes a reality. Experience the utmost comfort of celebrating happy occasions with your family at one of our wood dining table set. Whatever your tastes, our online collection of the best wooden dining tables and chairs sets is available to improve your dining area. We provide a variety of dinner table with chairs styles that meet your needs to add charm to your eating space. The selection fits a range of preferences and price points, ensuring that the décor of your home finds the perfect match. Uncover a piece that not only holds food but also tells stories about your house and shows your taste.

    Find the Variety of Dining Table Sets As Per Your Seating Needs:

    • 2 Seater Dining Table Sets: Want to make the most of the room in your cozy house? The ideal solution is one of our 2-seater dining table set. Let go of the idea that a dining table is unnecessary. Use this small dining table set for making affordable, private dinners for two.
    • 4 Seater Dining Table Sets: Our 4 seat dining table set are the perfect option for nuclear households. These sets not only aesthetically adorn your area but also promote shared mealtimes and a sense of togetherness. Choose a wooden dining table set for its strength and longevity.
    • 6 Seater Dining Table Sets: Use our 6 seater dining sets to promote the practice of sharing meals. If you enjoy hosting parties or other events, our online dining table sets, which are only available at Wooden Sole, are designed with your needs in mind.
    • 8 Seater Dining Table Sets: Our elegant 8-seater dining sets will enhance your roomy eating area. This dining table and chairs easily complement expansive rooms and are ideal for larger homes. On Wooden Sole, you can find these amazing pieces at the lowest costs.
    • Extendable Dining Table Sets: With our selection of extendable dining table sets, you can follow the growth of space-efficient styles. These inventive ideas are increasingly necessary as areas get smaller. Our extendable dining sets are made from high-quality wood and perfectly blend design and utility into the decor of your house.

    Wooden Sole online dining tables come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for both joint families and couples. Our dining table sets include a range of alternatives to satisfy your needs, including benches, storage compartments, and extensible options.

    Discover the Wide Collection of Best Dining Table Set Shapes at Wooden Sole:

    The various shapes of dining tables at Wooden Sole will add a touch of attractiveness to your living or kitchen area. Visit our website (www.woodensole.com) to look around and buy the one that fits you. 

    • Rectangular Dining Table Sets: Contrary to popular belief, the rectangle dining table set has many benefits. This time-tested option provides extra room for visitors and has the added advantage of being conveniently put against a wall to save space when not in use. You can uncover finely carved patterns and designs at Wooden Sole that combine beauty and utility. Visit our website to place your order right now so you don't miss out on these modern dining table sets designs.
    • Square Dining Table Sets: These square dining table set optimise seating combinations and are perfect for square dining spaces. This dining table set wood is made for cozy places and is ideal for small gatherings. It is a good option for parties because of its layout, which promotes smooth discussion. Feel the comfort of a well-crafted seating configuration that fits your little space.
    • Round Dining Table Sets: A round dining table is the best dining table set option for small areas because it keeps the area looking tidy. It creates a warm environment perfect for private chats. Find a variety of beautifully designed dining table sets online that are ideal for altering your area.

    Shop Different Styles of Dining Table Sets at Wooden Sole:

    Material quality is essential when buying your dining sets. It defines the durability and lifespan of your dining room furniture. Our dining chairs and tables are expertly constructed using premium materials to ensure that they satisfy every customer's needs. Discover the following dining furniture pieces from Wooden Sole.

    Wooden Dining Table Sets:

    Our wooden dining chairs and table sets are renowned for their precise craftsmanship and resist the test of time. Our range, which includes a variety of designs and patterns to boost interior aesthetics, boasts remarkable durability and resilience. Choose from our fine variety of solid wood dining table sets; popular options include Sheesham wood, mango wood, acacia and many more wood options available.

    Metal Dining Table Sets:

    Our metal dining table sets are the ideal option for individuals who prefer modern designs. They exude elegance and come in a choice of brilliant colour finishes to increase the appeal of your area. In addition, compared to hardwood options, the cost of a metal oval tables is more reasonable.

    Marble Dining Table Sets:

    Our collection's marble dining table sets give it a touch of luxury. These dining tables chairs not only look good, but they also provide grandeur and aesthetic appeal to your living room. With the right maintenance, this premium marble material will last a long time. Discover our magnificent marble dining sets at Wooden Sole for a memorable dining experience. 

    Foldable Dining Table:

    The dining table with a folding top will modify your dining area like no other. This item is the height of flexibility, instantly altering your space. It expands with ease! You can dine elegantly wherever your travels take you because of its compact design. Ready to fold and go while embracing usefulness and style.

    Wall Mounted Dining Table: 

    Introducing the wall-mounted top dining table, the space-saving genius! This wonder defies gravity and turns your wall into a place to enjoy a meal. It gracefully clings to the wall while not in use, giving you more room for your activities. 

    Glass Top Dining Table Sets:

    With our selection of glass top dining table sets, enjoy contemporary elegance. These sets seamlessly combine elegance and functionality, giving your dining area a bright, spacious feel. The glass dining table set gives the space a bit of modern flair while reflecting light to provide the impression of additional space. Our glass table dining set is the epitome of fashionable dining since they are expertly crafted and created to go with different interior design styles.

    Dining Table Set Under 30000:

    Find inexpensive dining room sets under 30,000 that redefine cost without sacrificing design or quality. To suit your preferences and available space, our selection includes a wide variety of designs and materials. Our selection makes it possible for you to create a comfortable eating nook without going over budget, whether you're looking for small 2-seater sets or slightly larger options. Improve your dining experience without going over budget by looking through our dining table set online under 30,000 to discover the ideal match for your house.

    Essential Factors for Your Next Dining Table Purchase

    • Measure Your Space: Measure the area you have available to make sure the dining table will fit comfortably and that people can move around it with ease.
    • Seating Capacity: Determine how many people the table will need to seat, whether for everyday meals or special occasions.
    • Table Shape: Select a table shape (rectangular, round, or square) that complements your surroundings and encourages social interaction.
    • Material Selection: Take your interior design style into consideration when choosing materials, such as wood for strength, glass for contemporary design, or metal for an industrial feel.
    • Maintenance: Check the required maintenance for the material and finish you have chosen to make sure it fits your lifestyle.
    • Table Height: Choose a table height that fits your choices for seating to ensure a comfortable dining experience.
    • Budget: Setting a budget range in advance will help you to limit your alternatives and avoid going overboard.
    • Style & Theme: To create a suitable and aesthetically beautiful eating environment, match the table's design with your current decor motif.
    • Versatility: If you're short on room, think about folding or extending tables that may be used for a variety of occasions.
    • Comfortable Seating: Choose chairs that are ergonomically supportive and match the height of the table for extended comfort during meals.

    Why Choose Wooden Sole for Your Next Furniture Purchase?

    • Excellence in Craftsmanship: Experience unmatched craftsmanship with each item being carefully designed to perfection.
    • Wide Range: Look through a wide selection that fits different styles to make sure you discover the ideal match for your aesthetic.
    • Quality Assurance: High-quality materials ensuring lifespan and durability give you peace of mind.
    • Innovative Designs: With our forward-thinking inventions that redefine furniture aesthetics, stay one step ahead of the design curve.
    • Functional Options: Embrace functional features that effortlessly combine style and practicality, such as smart storage.
    • Customization: Create a room that is uniquely yours by creating your furnishings according to your tastes.
    • Affordable Choices: Experience luxury without paying excessive rates because our offerings are tailored to fit a range of budgets.
    • Hassle Free Delivery: Our committed customer service will make sure you have a seamless shopping experience and will work to earn your pleasure.
    • Sustainability: Use environmentally friendly materials and ethical manufacturing techniques to help make the world a greener place.

    As experts in design, we feel proud to introduce dining table sets that perfectly balance form and function. Our experience has revealed the formula for creating the best designer dining table sets, guaranteed to win your heart. Each table, which conveys faultless creativity, is a masterpiece that transforms your dining space into a lively haven. Our selection fits a range of tastes, from chic and modern to charming and rustic. Our tables are like incredible champions, perfectly combining smart storage options and innovative styles. Join us as we enhance your dining experience, ready to dazzle your guests with a hint of magic. Visit Wooden Sole on your journey to find the ideal dining room set, where style and function come together.


    Q. What Kind of Dining Table Is Best?
    A. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the perfect dining table. To decide if a rectangular, round, or square table is best for you, consider elements including the amount of available space, the number of seats, and the design style.

    Q. Why Do You Need a Dining Set?
    A. Your dining area's focal point, a dining set, allows for shared meals and priceless conversations. Beyond just being useful, it gives your house a little bit of aesthetic appeal. A dining room table fosters a welcoming environment that promotes family get-togethers, social engagements, and special occasions. It's more than simply a piece of furniture; it's a place where friendships are deepened, stories are exchanged, and memories are made. A dining set enriches the eating experience and makes your house a pleasant haven for shared moments, whether for regular meals or holiday feasts.

    Q. Which Wood Makes the Best Dining Table Set?
    A. Due to their strength and wear resistance, hardwoods like Sheesham, mango wood, or teak make good alternatives for dining table sets. Additionally, these woods have lovely grain patterns.

    Q. Can You Offer Dining Table Sets For Less Than 25,000?
    A. Yes Of course! Discover our affordable options for dining table sets under 25,000 that combine design and affordability to improve your dining area without going over the budget.

    Q. Which Dining Set Has a Better Top: A Marble, Glass, or Wooden?
    A. Whether you pick a wooden, glass, or marble dining set top depends on your preferences for style, sturdiness, and maintenance. Although a marble top conveys elegance and toughness, it may require meticulous maintenance. Although they can be more prone to scratches, glass tops give a contemporary beauty and are simple to maintain. Wooden surfaces are durable and warm, and they frequently require less maintenance. To decide which material best suits your eating area, consider your lifestyle and preferences.

    Q. What Shape Dining Table Set Is Most Popular?
    A. The most common and frequently utilised shape is a rectangle dining table set. Its timeless form allows for a variety of seating configurations, making it suitable for both intimate and expansive parties. A rectangular table's long design offers lots of surface area for dishes and makes eating space usable. Additionally, the rectangular shape complements a variety of interior design motifs, making it a classic option that accommodates different tastes in aesthetics.

    Q. What is the Price Range for Dining Table Sets?
    A. Dining table sets come in a wide range of prices depending on things like materials, design, and brand. They can range from 20,000 low-cost options to 1,00,000 expensive, 2,00,000 luxurious setups.

    Q. Is It Suitable to Mix and Match Dining Chairs and Tables?
    A. Mixing and matching dining chairs with a table is indeed an individual way to make your dining area your own. Just make sure that the style, color, or material are consistent throughout the entire appearance.

    Q. What Is an Extendable Dining Table?
    A. A flexible piece of furniture that will fit different seating requirements is an extensible dining table. It has a system that enables you to adjust the size of the table as needed. The most common way to do this is to add or remove table leaves, panels, or sections. When hosting gatherings or parties, extendable dining tables are especially helpful for seating extra guests while saving space when not required. They are an efficient solution for both small and large dining rooms since they provide flexibility in seating capacity without requiring a permanently large table.

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