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We take great pride in creating excellent dining tables at Wooden Sole since they are the centre of every home. Whether you're hosting a dinner party for the whole family or a romantic dinner for two, our dining table is made to enhance your eating experience. Our डाइनिंग टेबल fine craftsmanship and use of premium wood, which guarantees both longevity and elegance, are what make it so beautiful. Pick from a variety of dining tables that are all specially made to suit your tastes and requirements. Your dining room may become a real expression of your taste and style by using our custom table options to create the ideal dinner table that matches your interior design. With wooden dining tables from Wooden Sole, experience what it's like to enjoy fine meals in comfort.

    49 products

    49 products

    Discover an Exclusive Collection of Modern Dining Table Designs at Wooden Sole:

    A dining table design is more than simply a piece of furniture; it's a place where loved ones gather to eat, talk, and create cherished memories. Wooden Sole has an exceptional range of dining table sets to suit every taste and style because we appreciate the value of a solid wood dining table. We have the ideal table for you, whether you want a traditional wooden dining table, a contemporary 6 seater dining table, a folding dining table that saves room, or a one-of-a-kind creation.

    • Different Sets for Dining Tables: To meet your demands, we provide a variety of sizes and styles for our dining table sets. The table 8 and 6 seater dining table sets are perfect options for larger groups since they offer enough space for everyone to eat in comfort. Our small table dining sets are ideal if your dining space is limited.
    • Stylish Wood Dining Tables: Our gorgeous modern wood dining table lets you experience the warmth and charm of wood in its natural state. These wooden table dining components are made from high-quality materials, and they not only radiate timeless beauty but are also long-lasting. Every home can benefit from one of our selections of wooden designer dining tables, whether you like a traditional style or a contemporary one.
    • Contemporary Designs: If you enjoy contemporary design, you'll be impressed by our designer dining tables. The contemporary model of dining table, we provide clean lines and creative designs, making them eye-catching focal points in any eating area. Explore our selection of a white dining table for a touch of elegance that exudes lightness and sophistication. Our glass dining table will capture your attention if you're inclined to modern design. These tables give any dining space a sense of refinement with their smooth, translucent surface. 
    • Multipurpose Extendable Dining Tables: Our extendable dining table is the ideal choice for individuals who host gatherings of varying sizes. They have been designed so that you can quickly change the size of the table to host additional people. For everyday use, appreciate the convenience of a smaller table and easily expand it for big events.
    • Trendy Round Dining Tables: A round dining table has a special appeal that encourages close communication and a feeling of community. Our range of round dining tables comes in a variety of designs, from traditional to modern, to suit diverse tastes. Improve your dining area with a round home dining table that promotes social interaction as you eat.
    • Customizable Masterpieces: For those looking for something one-of-a-kind, you can customise your dining table using one of our many table alternatives. We provide a customizable table to let you design a dining table that exactly complements your style and home furnishings. Work together with our talented artisans to create a unique work of art that showcases your uniqueness.
    • Explore Useful Online Options: At Wooden Sole, we simplify the shopping process for you. You can browse our extensive selection of a wooden dining table online, compare different kitchen tables, and select the one that best dining chairs to meet your interests. You can browse our user-friendly website from the comfort of your home to select the ideal dining table.

    We at Wooden Sole are dedicated to offering a variety of dining table designs to suit all of our clients' different tastes. We have the ideal fit for you whether you're looking for the coziness of a furniture dining table, or the intimacy of a wood dining table. Explore our selection of dining room furniture to find the perfect focal point for your house today.

    Discover the Benefits of Buying Solid Wood Dining Tables Online:

    A solid wood dining table displays durability and elegance that never goes out of style when it comes to arranging your dining area. The simplicity of buy dining table online has grown in popularity in the current digital era. When you embrace this trend, buying a solid wood dining table online has a lot of advantages that make the procedure simple, quick, and lucrative. In this post, we'll explore the benefits of purchasing dining tables online, such as the flexibility of custom dining tables, contemporary dining table styles, and affordable dining table price.

    • More Options and Customization: The enormous range that is at your disposal when looking for a dining table online is one of the main advantages. A broad selection of dining tables in different styles, sizes, and finishes are available at Wooden Sole online furniture retailer. Additionally, Wooden Sole gives you the choice of custom dining tables to precisely match your tastes and needs. They can modify the dining table to fit your particular tastes and space, whether you prefer a particular wood kind, shape, or size.
    • Ease and Time Savings: Online shopping for a solid wood dining table saves you time and effort by removing the need to go to physical stores. From the comfort of your home, at any time that works best for you, you can peruse a wide range of possibilities. For the best dining table, Wooden Sole includes comprehensive product descriptions, photos, and customer ratings, helping you to make informed decisions without the pressure and rush common in physical showrooms.
    • Latest Dining Table Designs Choices: In terms of the latest design trends, online furniture companies often show the way. Wooden Sole Online marketplace is your best bet if you're looking for a modern dining table design that flawlessly matches your modern decor. These dining tables may make excellent dining room furniture centrepieces because of their modern designs and creative flair.
    • Detailed Price and Comparisons: An important factor to take note of when buying a dining table is the price. Online purchases have the benefit of clear pricing, which includes comprehensive pricing details for the dining table, as well as any discounts or special offers. You can readily compare the price of a dining table set across other platforms because of this transparency. As a result, you can pick wisely and easily find the ideal dining table within your budget.
    • Customer Feedback and Quality Assurance: Reputable online furniture retailers like Wooden Sole puts the needs of their customers first and uphold high standards. Through consumer reviews and ratings, you can assess the store's reliability. You can discover more about the dining table's quality, the delivery procedure, and the overall customer service of the online shop by reading reviews from past customers.

    Discover the Ideal Dining Table - Explore Our Variety of Wooden Dining Tables in Top Cities:

    We at Wooden Sole are extremely glad to provide a wide range of dining tables that meet a variety of demands and preferences. We at Wooden Sole are firm believers in the timeless appeal and toughness of solid wood dining tables. The natural beauty of the world appears in our dining table wooden collection. Discover our extensive selection of dining tables that are available in top cities.

    • Dining Table 8 Seater - Host a Luxurious Gathering: For individuals who enjoy hosting events and hosting memorable meals, our dining table 8 seater collection is ideal. Our 8-seater dining tables are the focal point of any dining room because they are made with the best solid wood and with careful attention to detail.
    • Dining Table 6 Seater - The best option for family meals: our dining table 6 seater alternatives are the ideal solution for smaller families or those looking for a cozier dining environment. These tables successfully blend accommodating parties with offering a more personal dining experience. Our 6-seater dining tables are made from solid wood of the highest quality, ensuring their sturdiness and timeless appeal while blending in with the design of your house.
    • Dining Table 4 Seater - Flexible Elegance, Private Dining: For individuals who treasure private dinners with loved ones, we have a range of dining table wooden that accommodate four people. Every meal feels like a special occasion at these tables because of the welcoming and cozy ambiance they provide. Our dining table 4 seater enhances the attractiveness of your dining area with their superb designs and craftsmanship while offering a cozy setting for small parties.
    • Dining Table in Mumbai - Find Versatile and Useful Designs in the City of Dreams: Our metal dining tables offer adaptable and practical designs for urban living to Mumbai residents. Our range meets a variety of space needs, ranging from small 4-seater alternatives to roomy 6 and 8-seater options. Bring a dining table home that fits your contemporary style and improves your dining occasions.
    • Dining Table in Pune: Enjoy Timeless Beauty and Practicality: Residents of Pune can now enjoy the enduring beauty and usability of our 6 seater dining tables. Each piece is expertly crafted and delivers a perfect fusion of durability and design. Pick from our extensive selection to locate a dining table that properly matches your lifestyle and home design.
    • Dining Table in Bangalore - Enjoy the Beauty in Silicon Valley: Bangalore residents may now peruse an incredible selection of dining tables at Wooden Sole. Our selection accommodates all tastes, whether you're looking for a roomy 8-seater dining table or a comfortable 4-seater alternative. Create memorable experiences with family and friends around a table that suits your taste and elevate your dining area with the timeless beauty of solid wood.
    • Dining Table in Chennai - Explore Timeless Arts and Crafts in the Cultural Capital: We provide dining tables in Chennai that display flawless craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Our wooden dining tables give your house a dash of natural character and make your dining space feel warm and inviting. Several different patterns and sizes are available.
    • Dining Table in Hyderabad - Discover the Beauty of Solid Wood in the Heart of Pearls: With our wooden dining table collection, Hyderabad homeowners can now enjoy the charm of nature. Each item is expertly created to highlight the inherent beauty of solid wood, resulting in a unified and sophisticated dining area in your home. Look through our extensive selection to locate the ideal dining table that complements your style.
    • Dining Table in Delhi - Improve Your Dining Comfort in the Capital City: Wooden Sole offers a wide selection of dining tables that combine elegance and use for Delhi residents. Every taste is catered to in our assortment, whether you want a contemporary style or a traditional hardwood table. With the help of our amazing dining tables, your dining space may be transformed into a stylish and welcoming space.
    • Dining Table in Gurugram - Create a Statement in the Millennium City: We provide dining tables in Gurugram that add style to any house. Our solid sheesham wood dining tables are crafted with durability and timeless beauty in mind. For your family and visitors, create a welcoming environment, and sit down to unforgettable meals at a dining table that fits your way of life.
    • Dining Table in Noida: Define Your Dining Area in the Urban Hub: With their elegance and appeal, the modern dining tables we provide in Noida transform your dining area. Our tables are made from premium wood, making them not only durable but also beautiful. Establish a cozy and welcoming dining space where special memories can be shared with loved ones and friends.
    • Dining Table in Jaipur: Give Your Dining Space a Touch of Royalty: We provide dining sets that display majesty and regalness in Pink City. We have beautiful designs in our collection that are the ideal fusion of heritage and modernity. Enjoy luxurious meals with loved ones by adding a touch of refinement to your dining space. 

    Upgrade Your Dining Area with Affordable Custom Dining Tables - Buy Dining Table Online in India at Wooden Sole

    Look no further than Wooden Sole if you want to give your dining space an upgrade with the classic beauty and sturdiness of the solid wood best dining table. We take pride in providing a large selection of exquisite dining tables constructed from premium wood that will elevate your eating experience. Finding the perfect price of dining table has never been simpler thanks to our streamlined online store. Our extensive selection of folding dining tables fits every taste and price range, whether you're looking for a traditional style or the latest masterpiece. Create precious experiences with your loved ones around a dining table online that suits your budget while also complementing your home's design by embracing the natural beauty of wood. We at Wooden Sole provide a wide selection of dining tables in pan India. There are some stunning dining tables available for purchase in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Noida, and Pune. Discover the ease of online buying and the joy of taking home a beautiful piece of furniture from Wooden Sole.


    Q. What Is the Standard Dimension of a Dining Table?
    A. The typical size of a dining table varies, but rectangular tables typically measure around 36 inches wide by 72 inches long, seating six to eight people. 48 to 72 inches in diameter, round dining tables normally seat four to six people.

    Q. How Can I Determine the Proper Table Size by Measuring My Dining Area?
    A. Measure the width and length of the area where you want to put the dining table. To guarantee cozy seating and easy movement, provide at least 36 inches of space around the table. Choose a table size that fits your measured area after considering the number of guests you plan to host.

    Q. Can I Customize the Dining Table's Style and Finish?
    A. Yes, Wooden Sole does offer customization options for various dining tables. You can create a unique dining table that matches the style and décor of your house by selecting from a variety of wood kinds, finishes, and patterns.

    Q. What Benefits May a Solid Wood Dining Table Offer?
    A. Dining tables made of solid wood are exceptionally strong and long-lasting. They bring warmth and natural beauty to your eating space while being durable and often showing distinctive grain patterns. In addition, solid wood tables can be painted or fixed if required extending their lifespan.

    Q. For Larger Gatherings, Can I Extend My Dining Table?
    A. Yes, some dining tables have features that enable you to extend the table to seat more people, such as extension leaves. The flexibility of these extendable dining tables makes them suitable for both regular use and exceptional events.

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