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Diwan furniture (दीवान फर्नीचर) is a beautiful household item that has been around for a really long time. Starting in India, these household items have been utilized for a long time and are still popular today. What makes Diwan's furniture exceptional is that it is both stylish and comfortable. Ideal for anybody who needs to transform their home into a delightful and comfortable space, there is a wide assortment of styles and sizes available for your home. Diwan set Furniture online has something for everybody.

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    32 products

    How Can Diwan Furniture Completely Transform Your Living Room in One Go?

    Assuming that you are searching for lounge room furniture, dewan furniture (दिवान फर्निचर) is a great choice, even in present-day-style homes. They are very adaptable and fill various needs. You can use the diwan as a couch during the day or as a bed in the evening. The ideal Diwan furniture online will add simplicity and grandeur to the interior. Yet, the diwan bed furniture ought to likewise coordinate with the stylistic layout of your front room. Diwan furniture price depends on the style and type of Diwan furniture you choose. But when you shop for it from Wooden Sole, you may find it more cost effective among the other options. 

    Divan Design Furniture That Suits Every Taste and Budget

    Divans come in two pieces: the base and the cushion. They can be utilized for relaxing, resting, or both. The bases are upholstered diwan wood furniture with areas of strength. In contrast to standard bases, these give a strong base to the furnishings. Come, let's explore the various options that are available to you: 

    1. Conventional Dewan Furniture for the Lounge Room

    Replace your old couch with a luxurious diwan for the living room. Many modern diwan sizes are modelled after sofas. The back is padded, allowing for open-to-sitting area furniture. With a few toss cushions, you'll have the right balance to rest in style.

    1. Contemporary Diwan Wooden Furniture Set for the Living Room

    L-shaped couches have become a mainstay in modern living rooms. By dividing the straight lines between the rooms, replacing the lounger with a diwan would provide attractive visual interest.

    1. Day Bed Style Diwan Furniture Design for Lounge

    Diwan furniture sizes are versatile, so you can find ones that are marginally greater than a settee or a seat. These are now an excellent option for people who reside in more modest residences. 

    1. Diwan with Storage

    You can never have enough extra room. Custom diwan furniture with Storage is an excellent solution for enhancing the classiness of your living area while adding much-needed functionality.

    Why Is the Diwan Set a Perfect Choice for Any Indian Home?

    A luxurious diwan set gives your home a rich touch. 

    There are many types of divans available online in India, particularly taking into account that they are also used as beds in various Indian homes presently.

    • Furniture of this type has a large storage capacity in its lower part, which is utilized for drawers. It very well may be an extraordinary expansion to the visitor room or the kids' room. 
    • They are lightweight and effectively moveable.
    • Materials assist with telling the elements constantly. You can add cushions that act as a backrest while lying down.
    • Divan furniture bunks are likewise eco-accommodating, notwithstanding that they are made of wood. These beds can be made with Solid wood. 
    • On the off chance that you need more space, make uniquely designed diwan furniture with in-built Storage. Set aside all the unattractive wrecks while having an extraordinary piece of lounge room furniture diwan design.

    Wooden Sole Offers Perfect Customization Options for Everyone.

    One of the greatest benefits of purchasing Diwan furniture from Wooden Sole is the accessibility of customization choices. 

    • With Wooden Sole, you have the choice of looking over many unique designs, varieties, and materials to make your ideal piece of Diwan furniture
    • Besides, Wooden Sole offers a scope of customization choices to guarantee that your diwan bed furniture isn't just gorgeous but also pragmatic.
    • You can pick the size, shape, and design choices that suit your options and best fit your requirements. It means that you can have a Diwan that looks perfect as well as meets your specific storage requirements.
    • By and large, the customization choices presented by Wooden Sole make it the ideal spot to purchase Diwan furniture.


    Diwan Wooden furniture, generally, is a couch with & without a back. They are put against the wall, so you can organize cushions and make supports to relax on. The advanced and single divan beds are considerably more snappy and valuable than the other bed outlines.

    There are countless custom options available on Wooden Sole, so you may choose something that is suitable for both unwinding and sleeping.


    Q. What is a Diwan set?
    A. A diwan set is a traditional Indian bed set that incorporates a sleeping cushion, backrest, and cushion and is commonly utilized as a seating region during the day and a bed around evening time. It is a flexible and practical household item that is often tracked down in Indian homes.

    Q. Can We Customize Diwan's Furniture?
    A. Yes, we can easily customise Diwan furniture according to your choices.

    Q. What Type of Furniture Is Diwan Furniture?
    A. A divan (Turkish divan, Hindi deevaan initially from Kurdish devan) is a piece of couch-like sitting furniture without a back. They are put against the wall, so you can organize cushions and make supports to relax on.

    Q. What Is the Use of Diwan Furniture?
    A. You can use it as a couch during the day and even use it as an additional bed when visitors stay over. You can find an extensive variety of Diwan bunk sizes online at affordable prices from Wooden Sole. 

    Q. Which Color Is Best for Diwan's Furniture?
    A. There are a large number of varieties available on Wooden Sole. when you purchase Diwan furniture online. Colors like honey, walnut, and natural are the most well-known.

    Q. Which Wood Is Best for Diwan Furniture?
    A. The diwan is generally made of Sheesham, teak, and mango wood, but Sheesham wood is the most celebrated and accepted in Indian homes. Its minimal maintenance and sturdiness make it a must buy for those who believe in value for money.

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