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Office sofas are a very important piece of furniture that is kept for regular use by employees as well as clients. Also, the working duration in the offices is long, so it is very important that the sofa or furniture used in offices be comfortable for sitting for long hours otherwise it may lead to some medical emergency if your furniture is not comfortable and relaxed in seating. Therefore Wooden Sole comes up with varieties of sofa design for the office which is comfortable and helps in seating for long hours without hurting your back. So grab the office sofa design which goes with your interior and makes the ambiance attractive as well as comfortable for all employees and clients.

    240 products

    240 products

    Office Sofas: Select the Proper Comfort and Style for Your Workspace

    Decorating an office premises is really expensive and time-consuming. It is very important that you select the proper comfortable furniture which compliments the interior decor of the office ambiance. Therefore it's important to select sofas as per your workspace. l shape office sofa or office sectional sofa- these sofas are very beneficial in occupying spare space in the office which is unutilized.

    • Corner Sofa Office- Clueless about how to decorate the corners of the office space just buy corner sofas that perfectly fit the workspace and give extra space where people can sit and work comfortably.

    • Office Leather Sofa- Leather sofas are really a good investment because it is easy to maintain and gives an elegant look which is really attractive and gives a sophisticated look to the office.

    • Wooden Office Sofa- Wooden sofas give a traditional and authentic look also it is eco-friendly, durable, and easily suits any decor.

    • Velvet Office Sofa- Velvet sofas look expensive as well as luxurious and give your office a pleasant and satisfying look although it seems difficult to maintain but velvet sofas are easy to clean and maintain.

    Buy Office Sofa Set Based on Where It Will Be Placed

    Well, it's crucial to purchase couches or other furniture that will fit the space where you intend to keep it. Because Wooden Sole has a variety of patterns that are produced expressly for each section of the office, it can be properly matched to the aesthetic of the space.

    • Waiting Room Sofa for Office- For office couch sets, Wooden Sole offers a variety of styles. The waiting room sofas are expertly designed to present a welcoming image to your customers so they may wait for your service in busy times without feeling impatient. A very comfy seat has been built. We also use cotton and velvet textiles, which have a classy, lovely appearance. 

    • Sofa for Office Reception- This is the first location visitors see as they enter your business and the last space they travel through as they leave. As a result, there should be enough seating in the reception area for guests, and it's crucial to ensure that the design of those seats is appealing. Therefore, the furniture's colour, pattern, and design are quite important.

    Selecting the Ideal Office Sofa Dimensions for Your Space

    Wooden Sole offers sofa sets for office furniture in a variety of sizes, so it's crucial to choose the one that best fits your office's arrangement. Here are a few instances:-

    • 3 Seater Office Sofas- Office sofa 3 seater are great to retain in the lobby because they are cozy for guests waiting for their turn at the serving station. Different materials and finishes that are extremely comfortable for seating and have an exquisite appearance are offered by Wooden Sole.

    • 2 Seater Office Sofas- Small reception areas are suitable for two seater sofas because they complement the decor and fit the space perfectly. This can be kept in an office cabin as well, and for the ideal appearance, added to additional single-chair sofas.

    • High Back Office Sofas- High back chair are ideal for conference rooms and lounge areas where staff members may meet with clients face-to-face. They offer a stunning appearance that is quite helpful for business negotiations.

    • Single Seater Office Sofa-  Single seater sofas are flexible in terms of interior design because they may be positioned wherever in any space. For private areas in the office, a single-seater office sofa is suitable. The office space can have an eclectic style by combining this little office sofa with other pieces of furniture. A single-seater sofa for the office will look great in cabin-style offices.

    Things to Think About While Selecting an Modern Sofa Design for Office

    There are a few things that you should be conscious of before buying furniture for your office or workplace are listed below:-

    • Size of the Room and Seating Place- Examine the size of your office or the room where you intend to place the furniture before choosing a sofa or other piece of furniture. Since space size is important when deciding what kind of furniture to put in a certain empty spot.

    • Pick Up the Office Sofa Which Goes Perfectly with the Office Aesthetic- Your office's design has a big impact on luring customers and employees. Therefore, choose an office sofa that completely complements the style, pattern, and décor of the space.

    • Invest in a Good Frame- For a nice modern office sofa, a sturdy and long-lasting structure is necessary. Always choose hardwood frames rather than ones made of low quality wood or particle board. Also, seek sofas that come with a warranty from the manufacturer

    • Focus on Fabric- It is advised to purchase an office sofa with an elegant design, as well as one that is simple to keep and long-lasting because sofa office are frequently used by a large chunk of people.

    Visit Wooden Sole to Shop Office Sofa Online in India.

    Wooden Sole offers modern design sofas for offices that have multiple designs and give a perfect ambiance to your office. We offer whatever design and combination you want for your office space. Because the maximum time people spend in the office while working. Therefore, workplace furniture must be cozy and relaxing. You may work comfortably and unwind anytime you want with the aid of a cozy office sofas. Additionally, it has been discovered that having a tidy workspace boosts your desire to work. Having a pleasant workspace is the first step to being productive. Therefore shop office sofa set online as we have all varieties like office 3 seater sofas and small office sofas for limited space here you get the best office sofa sets online without any trouble.

    Why Should You Buy Office Sofa Sets from Wooden Sole:-

    A few things that make our product different from others are given below:-
    • Customization Option- Wooden Sole offers a custom sofa where you can have the combination of your choice of wood, fabric, and finishes and the making charges are also pocket friendly.

    • Quick Service- although we provide customization service to our customers the service is quite fast and quick.

    • Premium Quality Product- We know that investing in furniture is quite a big financial investment for everyone therefore we provide furniture which has premium quality and high durability. Not only this we offer discounts on bulk orders.


    Q. What Does an Office Sofa Cost in India?
    A. Prices for office sofas can range from Rs.11,999 to Rs. 99,999. Prices vary according to the sofas' size, design, upholstery, and additional amenities.

    Q. How Should I Pick an Office Sofa?
    A. When purchasing an office sofa set, it's important to keep a few things in mind: first, the size and seating arrangement of your workspace; second, whether or not the sofa set is comfortable for long periods of time; third, whether or not the sofa set's colour and pattern go with the theme of your office; and, most importantly, the cost of the furniture.

    Q. Do You Have Office Sofa Sets for Less Than Rs.30,000?
    A. Yes, we have office sofas which are less than Rs.30,000 in price, please go and check the Wooden Sole website and get exciting discounts as well.

    Q. Which Fabric Types Are Available for Office Sofas?
    A. In fabric, we have cotton where you see lots of color varieties like faux cream, patchy cream, teal blue, floral printed, and velvet which also have lots of varieties like charcoal gray, dark purple, forest green, mustard yellow, pink and royal blue. And we also customize as per customers' demand.

    Q. How Do I Pick the Right Size and Shape of a Sofa for the Office?
    A. First, consider the area in your office where you want to keep the sofas, the amount of space that is available, and the mood of your workplace. If you're still unsure, call our toll-free number, and one of our specialists will explain which kinds of sofa sets are appropriate for your location.

    Q. Which Material Makes an Office Sofa the Most Comfortable?
    A. Natural cotton or velvet combine desired qualities like softness, toughness, and durability. The fact that it is comfortable for seating on, and easy to clean, cotton or velvet is a popular fabric choice for couches. Cotton or velvet is a fantastic material to choose in hotter regions because it is also extremely breathable.

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