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Are you one of those people who keeps slippers and shoes inside the study table or wherever you sit when you get home? If so, have you ever struggled to find a pair of shoes that you couldn't quite place? In the past, we didn't have many options other than to leave our shoes outside our front door. However, you now have a vast array of shoe rack options that also give your house a lovely and magnificent appearance. These shoe racks feature a distinctly unique and alluring appearance. Wooden Sole also offers door design wooden-style shoe racks, which give your property a clutter-free appearance.


    Shoe Racks at Best Price List

    Shoe Racks Best Price
    Strip Shoe Rack (White Finish) Rs. 8,580
    Strip Shoe Rack (Walnut Finish) Rs. 8,999
    Strip Shoe Rack (Honey Finish) Rs. 8,999

    Transform Your Home Right Away with the Best Online Shoe Storage Option.

    Get furniture from Wooden Sole online to give your house a clean, structured look. Because many people didn't purchase shoe racks for their homes, they either kept their shoes outside the house or in a room, which gave your home a very clunky and disorganized appearance. However, there are currently several types of shoe racks available for your home that can drastically change its appearance without much work. Additionally, keeping your shoes in one location makes them convenient and easy to locate when needed. So select a shoe rack for home from Wooden Sole without any delay.

    Purchase a Top-Selling Item from Wooden Sole for a Reasonable Price.

    Whether you prefer open shoe rack furniture or closed cabinet shoe racks, Wooden Sole has a wide selection of shoe racks available for you at a very affordable price. Along with this, we have two of our best-selling goods, both of which are thoroughly discussed below:

    • Strip shoe rack - The strip shoe rack, which is built in Sheesham, is an open shoe rack that is low-cost, incredibly simple to clean, honey-finished, and offers our cherished clients a wide range of personalization possibilities.
    • Step-in shoe rack - Step-in shoe rack is made of solid wood with a door and drawers for additional storage, closed shoe rack for a tidy and organized appearance, low maintenance and simple to clean, stylish steps-design decorative shoe rack, finished in white, and offers customers multiple customization options.

    Buy these two most popular shoe racks from Wooden Sole to give your home a beautiful, elegant appearance while staying within your budget.

    Pay Less for Get More Stylish Entryway Decor of Your Dream Home.

    A shoe rack wood is a crucial piece of furniture for our way of life; although it is frequently overlooked in day-to-day activities, its absence seriously disrupts the atmosphere of your home because all of your shoes will be tossed everywhere. For this reason, Wooden Sole developed a variety of shoe rack for home options that not only organise your shoes and sneakers in one location but also offer your home a stunning appearance at a very low cost and with very little maintenance.  Yes, you can visit our website to see a variety of shoe racks online that match your home's decor. By doing so, you can save a ton of money on interior design because we provide you with two benefits: first, a clutter-free home, and second, high-quality shoe rack furniture that serves as decor on a low budget.

    Choose the Shoe Rack of Your Choice at Wooden Sole.

    Wooden Sole offers a wide variety of options for their customers to choose the best-suited option for their homes.

    • Open shoe rack - we usually keep an open shoe rack at the entrance of our house so that when we enter the house we keep our dirty shoes outside the home to keep our home dirt free. Open shoe stands for home are easy to clean as well so just have to do a little dusting every weekend.
    • Shoe rack design with cubes -To preserve all of your shoes and slippers in each box, Wooden Sole offers a shoe rack design with cubes, making it simple for everybody to choose their own shoes without making a mistake. 
    • Shoe rack design with a bench - It's a two-in-one wooden shoe rack from Wooden Sole that you can use to add a seat to your table or wardrobe to increase both their utility and aesthetic appeal.
    • Pull-out modern shoe rack - Pull-out modern shoe rack is a brand-new arrival with a distinctive design that gives your house a contemporary and fashionable appearance without spending a lot of money on shoe cabinets. 
    • Wall-mounted shoe rack design - You may manage all of your brand-name and slipper shoes in one location with the aid of this shoe rack. Additionally, wall-mounted wooden shoe racks are incredibly compact and take up very little room in your house.
    • Revolving shoe rack - It is one of the newest designs and additions to our shoe showroom and provides your home a very elegant appearance while organising all of the shoes in a very efficient manner.

    Therefore, in order to organise all of your shoes and slippers in one location, consider what complements the interior decor of your home before purchasing shoe box storage.

    Affordable Shoe Storage Cabinet Choices at Wooden Sole

    To make it simple for consumers to select the shoes stand that best suits their home's interior and their family's preferences, Wooden Sole offers a large selection of shoe stands. Our shoe rack online store is well-known throughout the nation for its high standards and competitive prices. Yes, Wooden Sole provides you with the highest-quality shoe rack at an unbelievable price. Additionally, we provide shoe racks at a lower cost and of higher quality than our rivals, so if you want the best item for your house, don't look anywhere else.

    With Fashionable Shoe Racks, You Can Designate a Space for Your Footwear and Keep It Organised.

    We purchase a variety of pairs of shoes and slippers that go specifically with our outfits in accordance with the quick fashion law, which dictates that fashion changes every month. It makes sense that individuals would purchase pricey sneakers to go with this rapid fashion. Therefore, you need a designated space where you can store all of the pairs of shoes and sneakers that you purchase and prevent them from being damaged and dirty. Because purchasing something is generally easier than maintaining it, visit Wooden Sole to browse the newest shoe rack design wood online and preserve your priceless footwear.

    Give Your Home a Fresh, Organized Look by Customizing a Shoe Rack with Wooden Sole.

    Wooden Sole provides the customization option to our valued customers. If you want to change or add anything to the shoe rack's shape and design, we are open to entertain all your choices without taking much time. We offer custom furniture for the home that you desire. Just tell our team what the chances are for your shoe rack, and the Wooden Sole team will fulfill all your wants and choices.

    Guidelines for Choosing a Shoe Rack for Your Home

    Well, there is no hard and fast rule for buying a shoe rack for your home, but there are a few tips you can keep in mind when you go shoe rack shopping online. Some are listed below for your guidance:-

    • Storage and shoe rack capacity provided by the store.
    • The type of wood and material we use in that shoe rack's wooden material is essential to consider to know if it absorbs the smell.
    • Price offered by the Wooden Sole, if you are buying online, check what their competitors offer for the same type of product
    • Shoe smell-related queries if you are buying a box storage kind of shoe rack which is closed, you should clear it before buying the shoe rack.
    • Customers' reviews and ratings should be checked before making the final decision to buy a shoe rack
    • Exchange and return policy should be appropriately checked for no future issues.

    We should consider these few tips before buying shoe racks from online stores. We are consumers, and it is our right to know everything beforehand.


    Q. Can I Change My Address After Placing the Order?

    A. Yes, you can change your address after placing an order until it is shipped. Otherwise, you can contact our toll-free number for further guidelines.

    Q. What Materials Are Used to Create a Shoe Rack?

    A. Our company generally uses high-quality shoe rack materials like sheesham, mango, acacia, solid wood etc. so that the shoe stand is strong and has high durability.

    Q. What Distinguishes a Shoe Rack from a Shoe Cabinet?

    A. The shoe rack is an open rack design product to keep your shoes and sneakers, whereas the shoe cabinet is a closed cupboard used for placing your footwear.

    Q. Why Is Wood Preferable for a Shoe Storage Unit?

    A. Wood is preferable for a shoe storage unit because it gives it high density and an authentic and vintage look, which overall transforms the look of your home, so it serves two purposes: organizing your footwear and decorating the interior of your home.

    Q. Is Purchasing a Shoe Rack Worthwhile?

    A. Yes, definitely, purchasing a shoe rack is worthwhile because it helps you keep your footwear in one place and you don’t have to struggle every day to find the pair of shoes. Get a shoe box storage for your home and make every pair of shoes organized in one place.

    Q. How Big Is the Shoe Rack?

    A. Well, shoe rack sizes vary, but the average shoe rack shelf is 10 to 12 inches deep, which is highly recommended for all, but if you have a big shoe size, then check it before buying. You also have a customization option in Wooden Sole, so take advantage of it.

    Q. What Different Kinds of Shoe Rack Designs Are There?

    A. Wooden Sole offers you a wide variety of shoe rack designs of different types, so buy whatever suits your home's interior and your pocket size.

    Q. Which Wooden Shoe Rack Is the Finest to Buy for a Large Family?

    A. When you are buying a shoe rack for a large family, a few things you can keep in mind are the size, storage capacity, durability, and amount of weight that the rack can hold. As all types of shoe racks come in different sizes, it depends on the total number of members in your family, so choose accordingly.

    Q. What Is the Average Price of a Shoe Rack Online?

    A. There are a lot of factors that influence the price of the shoe rack at Wooden Sole. You will get a shoe rack whose average price ranges from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 28,000 or more. Also sometimes you can get some deals and offer while buying online

    Q. Would I Return or Exchange My Order?

    A. Yes, Wooden Sole gives you the best policy if you encounter any defective piece from our shop, therefore, if you have ordered something and later find the piece is defective, you can just call our support team. But a few things should be considered for the further process;-

    • Our staff will first conduct a thorough inspection to identify any flaws and then work quickly to address them.
    • Then he will try to fix the problem by repairing it on-site.
    • In severe cases, if the damage is significant and cannot be repairable then our company will provide you an exchange offer.

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