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Introducing our amazing line of luxury sofa sets, where comfort and richness co-exist in perfect balance. Our online sofa sets define what it means to live in luxury since they are made with the highest quality materials and careful attention to detail. With our excellent luxury sofa set (सोफा सेट) furnishings, enter a world of unmatched elegance and sophistication. Our luxury sofa set furniture collection displays a feeling of majesty and refinement. These sofas are expertly built from the best materials and exhibit excellent workmanship and careful attention to detail. Every component, from luxurious leather upholstery to gorgeous fabric options, has been carefully selected to offer unmatched comfort and style. Our luxury sofa set design is the epitome of gracious living due to their classic designs and luxurious finishes, which entice you to indulge.

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We at Wooden Sole provide you with the ease of buying from the comfort of your home by offering a wide selection of high-end sofa sets that are available for purchase online. Our line is the ideal option for individuals looking for opulent and long-lasting furniture since it harmoniously combines design, toughness, and comfort. Each sofa set is meticulously and expertly made with the finest materials including sturdy wood frames and luxurious upholstery. Our variety of online sofa sets fits a range of interests and preferences, whether you want a traditional style or a contemporary aesthetic. Explore our beautiful selection of sofa sets on our website to find the ideal focal point for your living area. You may rely on Wooden Sole to deliver a sofa to your home.

Enrich Your Home with a Wide Range of Modern Sofa Sets: Discover Your Ideal Comfort at Wooden Sole

When it comes to furnishing your home, a well-chosen wooden sofa set conveys luxury and comfort more than anything else. Your home is a reflection of your personality. At Wooden Sole, we understand the value of choosing the ideal sofa set that enhances your home's aesthetic while offering the utmost comfort. With our extensive selection of best sofa sets, you may choose the perfect couch set to fit your preferences and create a lovely and comfortable living room furniture for you and your loved ones.

  • Contemporary Sofa Sets: Our classic leatherette sofa set is the ideal option for people who value timelessness and vintage appeal. These sets are elegant and sophisticated, made with fine craftsmanship and solid wood frames. Each sofa displays flawless craftsmanship and a hint of grandeur, from plush textiles to soft upholstery, making it the focal point of your living area.
  • Modern-day Chic: Our modern fabric sofa set is made to impress if you want a contemporary appearance. These sets offer the ideal fusion of fashion and utility thanks to their streamlined forms, simple designs, and emphasis on comfort. Select from a variety of high-quality leather or fabric upholstery options, and let the simple yet elegant designs enhance the ambiance of your house.
  • Versatile Sectionals: Our sectional sofa sets are unbeatable in terms of adaptability and personalization. You can make a sitting arrangement using these modular designs that is ideal for your space and way of life. sectional sets provide countless options, whether you want a quiet nook for solitude or a roomy space for entertaining. You may easily modify the seating arrangement to suit your changing needs due to the parts' capacity to be rearranged and rebuilt.
  • The Mid-Century Sofa Set: The features of this sofa design include its simple shapes, organic curves, and contrasting materials with geometric patterns. These mid-century sofas come in a variety of sizes and seating configurations, from smaller loveseat sofas that can easily seat two people to bigger L-shaped sofas that can comfortably seat several people.
  • Sofa cum Beds: Do you want to purchase sofa cum beds online? Visit Wooden Sole, browse a vast selection, and purchase an adaptable new sofa at a low price in India. Because of the enormous functionality that our sofa beds offer, it is both comfortable and convenient. Buy a sofa cum bed online from to add comfort to your living space.
  • L-shaped Sofa Set: An l-shaped sofa set, one of the most popular styles, is perfect for rooms with a lot of space. An l-shape sofa set is the best option if you frequently entertain guests or simply need a place to relax after a long day at work. Both the traditional wooden alternative and gorgeous l-shaped leather sofas are available at Wooden Sole. Choose based on your needs, as well as the atmosphere and appearance of your living space. You won't have to worry about your budget when you get an l-shaped sofa set from Wooden Sole. Our new sofa set prices are affordable and provide excellent value. 
  • Chesterfield Sofa: The Chesterfield sofa is designed this style specifically for his guests to prevent clothing creases as they sit down. They continue to be the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication even after so many decades. When compared to other sofa designs, the Chester sofa has circular armrests that are at the same height as the backrest and a somewhat lower seating height. In addition to the traditional Chesterfield, Wooden Sole also carries a range of contemporary Chesterfield sofas that are lighter iterations of the heavy originals, with velvet or other textile upholstery, bigger legs, and slimmer back and armrests.

Benefits of Buying the Ideal Designer Sofa Set for the Living Room

You can find the appropriate couch set to improve the beauty and comfort of your living room with our extensive selection of alternatives, which includes traditional elegance, modern chic, and adaptable sectionals. As we work to give you a couch sofa set that not only complements your taste but also gives a cozy and inviting environment for leisure and meeting with family and friends, put your trust in our dedication to great craftsmanship and exceptional materials. Visit Wooden Sole right away to enhance your home with the ideal sofa set that captures your taste and makes life more enjoyable. Choosing the sofa set for drawing room can have several advantages, improving both the appearance and usability of your area. The following are the main benefits of choosing the best sofa sets:

  • Comfort and Relaxation: A sofa set's main goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. By choosing the greatest couch set, you can take advantage of velvety cushions, ergonomic designs, and premium upholstery that provide your body with the best support possible. A cozy low-cost sofa sets online improves your overall relaxation, whether you're relaxing after a hard day or spending valuable time with family and friends.
  • Aesthetics and Style: The correct sofa set acts as the living room's centre point, enhancing both the aesthetics and style of the entire space. You may create a room that is aesthetically pleasing and harmonious by selecting a sofa set that goes with your interior design theme and personal preferences. There are countless possibilities to fit different decor preferences, from traditional sofa sets to modern designs.
  • Versatile Sitting Options: Sofa sets offer a variety of sitting arrangements that can easily be changed to suit the needs of different people. You may adjust the set-up to meet your living room's layout and accommodate visitors during social occasions, whether you choose a sectional couch set or a mix of sofas and armchairs.
  • Longevity and Durability: Buying high-quality sofa sets ensures both of these qualities. Your sofa set will stay in outstanding shape for many years to come because of the furniture's extended lifespan, superior materials, and sturdy frames. By preventing repeated replacements and repairs, this longevity equates to a smart investment.
  • Functional Aspects: To increase its usability, several contemporary sofa sets are equipped with extra functional elements. These features can enhance your living room's convenience and functionality by adding built-in storage spaces, reclining mechanisms, or convertible alternatives. Such features optimize the use of available space and accommodate particular requirements and preferences.
  • Better Socialising and Bonding: The living room is frequently the focal point for gathering with friends and family and socializing. By choosing the latest sofa set, you can make a conversation-friendly and pleasant space that promotes relaxation and camaraderie. The ideal seating arrangement encourages conversation and fosters a cozy atmosphere for meetings and family activities.
  • Simple Maintenance: Choosing a simple sofa set with high-quality upholstery and materials that are simple to clean makes keeping up easier. If your couch sets have stain-resistant fabrics or leather finishes, it will be simpler to clean up spills and stains, keeping them looking clean and presentable with minimal effort.

Buy Sofa Set Online in India Affordable at Wooden Sole and Enhance Your Interior Decor

Do you want to upgrade your home's interior design on a budget? If you're looking for a budget small sofa set that flawlessly balances elegance, comfort, and cost, look no further than Wooden Sole. At Wooden Sole, we recognize the need to find a sofa set near me that suits your needs while not sacrificing quality or elegance. You can find the ideal furniture sofa set within your specified price range due to the large selection of options we provide. You can find the perfect sofa set to completely revamp your living room in our selection because it has been carefully chosen to offer solutions that suit a range of budgets. Here are some reasons why buying a sofa set low price from Wooden Sole is a wise choice:

  • Sofa Set Under 25000: At Wooden Sole, you can find the ideal sofa set under 25,000 rupees. Our cost-effective solutions, including the fashionable and cozy Sofa Set, provide outstanding value without sacrificing quality. This set contains a three-seater sofa, and a coffee table and is made with a strong wood frame and upholstered in high-quality fabric. You can make your living room a comfortable and welcoming setting for parties and relaxation with a Sofa Set. Despite its low cost, this sofa set demonstrates Wooden Sole dedication to excellence and client pleasure. Browse our selection right now to find more stylish, comfortable, and inexpensive sofa sets under 25,000 rupees for your home. The beautiful design effortlessly combines with the medium-firm sitting and foam-filled cushions to offer the best possible comfort.
  • Sofa Set Under 30000: A variety of stylish and comfortable sofa sets priced under 30,000 rupees are offered by Wooden Sole. These sofa sets include superior upholstery for a touch of refinement and are expertly crafted with a sturdy wood frame. The set features a big sofa set, two plush armchairs, and a coffee table. These couch sets offer comfortable lounging while boosting the overall look of your living space thanks to their contemporary design and luxurious cushions. Our couch sets under 30,000 rupees from Wooden Sole are a smart choice for updating your home design because they are ideal for individuals seeking quality and affordability.
  • Sofa Set Under 40000: Stylish, comfortable, and reasonably priced sofa sets under 40,000 rupees are available at Wooden Sole. These sofa sets were meticulously designed with strong construction and high-quality upholstery for lasting sturdiness. A roomy three-seater sofa, two warm single-seater armchairs, and a coffee table are all included in the set. These sofa sets effortlessly improve the aesthetic appeal of your living room with their contemporary yet classic style. With this affordable sofa set from Wooden Sole under 40,000 rupees, you may enjoy the practical and aesthetic advantages while sinking into the luxurious cushions and experiencing the utmost relaxation.
  • Sofa Set Under 60000: Find the ideal sofa set for under 60,000 rupees at Wooden Sole, where fashion meets cost-effectiveness. These sofa sets, which have been meticulously made, offer a lovely fusion of comfort and elegance. The set consists of a l-shaped sofa set, two soft armchairs with one seat each, and a chic coffee table. These sets radiate strength and sophistication due to their sturdy wooden frames and fine fabrics. They offer a luxurious seating experience that turns your living area into a haven of relaxation with their contemporary design and velvety cushions. With our gorgeous sofa sets from Wooden Sole around 60,000 rupees, you may upgrade your home's interior design without going overboard.

Sofa Set Price by the Number of Seats

There is a sofa set to meet every demand and space due to the extensive selection we provide at Wooden Sole, where pricing is set by the number of seats.

  • 1-Seater Sofa: Our single sofa set is ideal for adding extra seating or for creating a cozy nook in your living area. This small sofa, which was designed with comfort in mind, offers a cosy place to rest and relax as well as a private space for one person.
  • 2-Seater Sofa: Our 2-seater sofas offer a cozy seating choice for two people, making them ideal for smaller rooms or as a companion to bigger sofas. These sofas are made to use as much space as possible without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.
  • 3-Seater Sofa: Families and people who enjoy entertaining often choose our 3-seater sofas. These sofas provide room for three people to sit comfortably and have a lot of seating areas. They come in a variety of designs, so you can be sure to choose one that goes with your interior design.
  • 4-Seater Sofa: Our 4-seater sofas are a great option for individuals who need even more seating areas. These huge sofas will fit four people, making them ideal for larger living areas or entertaining visitors.
  • 5-Seater Sofa: Our l shaped sofas set are the ideal choice if you have a large family or frequently host parties. These sofas have roomy seating for up to 5 people, giving everyone plenty of room.

How Designer Sofa Sets Can Fit All Your Spaces

Sofa set designs are extremely versatile in terms of aesthetics, usefulness, and customization options, making them perfect for any area in your house. Here are some tips for how designer sofas may effortlessly enhance any space.

  • Sofa Set for Living Room: Most people prefer to display their flair and creativity in their living rooms. Designer couch sets come in a variety of styles, from modern and contemporary to conventional and classic, so you can pick one that complements the design of your living area. Additionally, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including modular and sectional versions, which may be customized to match your area.
  • Sofa Set for Bedroom: Your bedroom can benefit from the comfort and luxury that sofa for bedroom can add. An inviting reading nook or secluded retreat can be created in a corner with a sleek and comfortable sofa set. Choose fabrics, hues, and patterns that go well with your bedroom's furnishings and produce an overall look.
  • Sofa Set for Study or Home Office: With office sofas, you may turn your home office or study into a practical yet fashionable area. It can be used for relaxation or discussions in addition to offering guests a comfy spot to sit. Pick a sofa set that complements your office decor and displays your sense of style as a working person.
  • Sofa Set for Guest Room: Having a trendy sofa set in the guest room can make your guests feel special and at home. It provides a cozy seating space where your guests can relax or have a quiet discussion. Choose a sofa set that blends well with the room's design and color palette to provide your visitors with a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Sofa Set for Dining Room: By adding an English rolled arm sofa sets, you can give your dining area a dash of class and refinement. For intimate dinners or informal gatherings, placing a 7 seater sofa set along one side of the dining table can create a warm and inviting ambiance. Select a sofa set shop near me that complements the style of your dining area and has opulent upholstery and sophisticated design features.
  • Sofa Set for Outside Areas: Sofa set for sale can be used outside the home as well. There are numerous options available that are specially made for outside areas like gardens, patios, or balconies. These sets are made from materials that can survive the weather and still provide comfort and flair for your outdoor enjoyment and relaxation.


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A sofa set's lifespan is influenced by things including the material's quality, how often it is used, and how well it is maintained. A well-cared-for sofa set can endure up to 10 years and possibly even longer.

Yes, you can customize the upholstery with a choice of colors, and patterns to suit your tastes and décor. Wooden Sole offers customization in any furniture to match your specific need.

To get rid of dust and debris, vacuum the sofa set frequently. For cleaning particular materials, follow the manufacturer's directions and deal with stains right away. To keep the cushions in shape, dust them regularly.

Consider your living room's dimensions while choosing the appropriate size, leaving room for other furniture and movement. Measure the available space before choosing a sofa set that suits you comfortably without taking up too much space.

Wood, metal, leather, fabric, and synthetic materials like polyester or microfiber are just a few of the materials that can be used to make sofa sets.

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I absolutely love my fabric sofa! It's not only stylish and elegant but also incredibly comfortable. The high-quality fabric is soft to the touch and durable, ensuring long-lasting use.

sanjay dikshit fabric sofa
Sanjay Dikshit

The cushioning provides excellent support, making it perfect for relaxation after a long day. It's a fantastic addition to my living room!

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I recently purchased a tufting high back chair, and I couldn't be happier with my choice! The chair's tufted backrest not only adds a luxurious look but also provides great lumbar support.

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The ottoman has become the centerpiece of my home. Its unique and eye-catching design instantly grabs attention. The cushioning is heavenly, providing a cozy spot for relaxation.

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