Solid Sheesham Wood Beds

If you're in search of a solid wood bed that offers style and durability, look no further than the beautiful Sheesham wood bed collection from Wooden Sole. We expertly craft our Sheesham beds to showcase the natural beauty of this exceptional wood. At Wooden Sole, we take pride in providing furniture that is specially made to suit your individual needs and preferences. No matter if you prefer a sleek, contemporary design or a timelessly elegant look, our skilled artisans can make your dream a reality. Every solid wood bed in our collection is a work of art in and of itself, showcasing the warm tones and rich grain of Sheesham wood. This solid, heavy wood not only gives your bedroom a touch of luxuriousness but also ensures longevity, making your purchase wise. Our dedication to excellent craftsmanship goes beyond appearances. We are aware that a solid sheesham bed serves as more than just a piece of furniture but also as an area to relax and rest. Because of this, we devote close attention to every minute detail to make sure your bed is not only visually appealing but also cozy and long-lasting. When you choose Wooden Sole for your solid wood beds requirements, you get elegance, durability, and customization. Enjoy the comfort of customized furniture that reflects your taste and endures the test of time. Improve your bedroom right now with a masterpiece from Wooden Sole.

    166 products

    166 products

    Personalize Your Bedroom with Solid Sheesham Wood Beds from Wooden Sole

    Step into an era of lasting elegance and durability with our exquisite hardwood bed collection at Wooden Sole, your trusted online furniture store. Our solid Sheesham wood beds are an ideal combination of craftsmanship and the natural allure of Sheesham wood.

    We take pride in providing a variety of bed alternatives at Wooden Sole, including our popular custom bed service. We recognize that your bedroom serves as a private haven, and we work to meet your specific tastes. We offer the ideal answer for you whether you want a sleek, contemporary style or a classic, timeless appearance. We carefully craft each of our solid Sheesham wood beds, displaying the wood's natural richness and style. Due to the natural durability of Sheesham wood, your investment will last for many years with minimal maintenance. We have a range of beds available, like solid wood double bed, solid wood queen size bed, and solid wood king size bed all of which are made to fit your tastes and way of life. Experience the beauty and durability of a Wooden Sole hardwood bed, which you can get from our easy-to-use online furniture store. Indulge in the timeless allure of a solid Sheesham wood bed, where beauty meets durability, only at Wooden Sole.

    Find a Variety of Solid Wood Beds from Wooden Sole: The Perfect Size for Every Need

    The appropriate bed size is essential for both comfort and design when it comes to decorating your bedroom. To meet every need, Wooden Sole provides a wide selection of solid wooden beds. Let's explore the choices:

    King Size Beds: 

    Experience the ultimate in spacious comfort with our Sheesham wood king size beds at Wooden Sole. Crafted from premium Sheesham wood. Get a Sheesham king size bed that showcases the natural beauty of this exceptional wood. This solid wood king size bed not only offers ample space for a restful night's sleep but also brings an air of sophistication to your bedroom. Upgrade to a king size bed that combines style and quality, only at Wooden Sole.

    Queen Size Beds: 

    Find the perfect blend of style and comfort with our exquisite Sheesham wood queen size bed collection at Wooden Sole. Each solid wood queen bed in our range is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, showcasing the natural beauty of Sheesham wood. These solid wood queen size beds not only offer ample space but also add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Upgrade your sleeping experience with the timeless beauty and durability of a Sheesham wood queen size bed from Wooden Sole.

    Double Beds: 

    If you have a smaller bedroom or need a cozy option for a guest room, our Sheesham double bed is the answer. They offer comfort and quality without taking up too much space. Explore our collection of Sheesham wood double beds to find the perfect fit. Explore the quality and affordability of our Sheesham wood double bed price range at Wooden Sole, where craftsmanship meets value.

    Single Beds:

    Individuals seeking a comfortable and space-saving solution will appreciate our solid wood single beds. These beds are designed to maximize room usage, making them ideal for smaller spaces.

    Diwan Beds:

    Our solid diwan beds are a blend of style and functionality. They serve as comfortable seating during the day and can be effortlessly transformed into a cozy sleeping space at night.

    Sofa cum Beds:

    If versatility is what you're after, our solid sofa cum beds are a brilliant choice. They offer daytime seating and easily convert into a bed for overnight guests, making them a smart addition to any home.

    Upgrade your bedroom with the timeless beauty and durability of solid wood beds from Wooden Sole. Whatever your size or style preference, we have the perfect bed waiting for you.

    The Benefits of a Solid Wood King Size Bed with Storage

    If you're looking to enhance your bedroom's functionality and style, consider investing in a solid wood king size bed with storage. These beds offer a range of advantages that can transform your sleeping space into a more organised and comfortable haven.

    • Ample Storage Space: A Sheesham wood king size bed with storage provides extra space to keep your bedroom clutter-free. You can stow away extra bedding, pillows, or seasonal clothing, making the most of your room's available space.
    • Hydraulic Storage: Opt for a Sheesham wood king size bed with hydraulic storage for added convenience. The hydraulic mechanism makes lifting the mattress effortless, giving you easy access to the spacious storage compartments underneath.
    • Durability: Solid wood beds are known for their durability, ensuring your investment lasts for years. A solid wood bed with storage is not only functional but also a long-term asset.
    • Stylish Design: These beds are available in a variety of designs and finishes, allowing you to choose one that complements your bedroom decor. From classic to contemporary, there's a solid wood king size bed with storage to suit every style.
    • Organisation: Having storage within your bed encourages a more organized living space. It reduces the need for additional furniture, creating a cleaner and more open room.
    • Convenient Access: The storage compartments are easily accessible, making it simple to retrieve and store items as needed. This added convenience can simplify your daily routine.

    When you invest in a solid wood king size bed with hydraulic storage, you're not just getting a place to sleep; you're gaining a functional and stylish piece of furniture that enhances your bedroom's overall look and feel. Explore the selection of Sheesham wood king size beds with storage at Wooden Sole and experience the perfect blend of form and function. Make your bedroom an organized oasis with a solid wood storage bed that offers storage and style.

    Why Choose Wooden Sole's Solid Wood Beds

    When it comes to selecting the ideal bed for your bedroom, Wooden Sole offers compelling reasons to be your top choice. Our range includes options like the versatile sheesham wood bed with storage.

    What sets us apart? Here's why:

    Customization Choices: At Wooden Sole, we understand that your bedroom is a personal sanctuary, and your furniture should reflect your unique style. That's why we provide customization choices, ensuring your bed is tailored to your preferences.

    Quality Craftsmanship: Our commitment to quality craftsmanship is unwavering. Each piece of furniture, including our sheesham bed with storage, is expertly crafted to showcase the natural beauty of wood while guaranteeing lasting durability.

    Convenience of Online Shopping: We offer the convenience of buying furniture online. Explore our extensive selection of wooden furniture online, including solid wood beds, from the comfort of your home.

    At Wooden Sole, we don't just sell furniture; we offer the opportunity to transform your living space into a place of beauty, comfort, and personal expression. If you want to buy furniture online, choose Wooden Sole for your needs and experience the difference in quality, customization, and convenience.


    Q. What Is the Difference Between Solid Wood Beds and Other Types of Beds?
    A. Solid wood beds are made completely of solid wood, guaranteeing their sturdiness and classic appeal. Other bed designs might include plywood or veneers.

    Q. What Is Sheesham Wood, and Why Is It Popular for Furniture Like Beds?
    A. Sheesham wood is a popular choice for furniture because of its durability and unique texture, making it an ideal choice for bed frames.

    Q. Do Storage Beds Come in a Range of Sizes to Fit Different Types of Bedrooms?
    A. Yes, storage beds are available in a range of sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king, to suit various bedroom sizes.

    Q. Is It Difficult to Lift the Mattress from Storage Beds with Hydraulic Lifts?
    A. No, storage beds with hydraulic lifts are designed for simple use. For effortless mattress lifting, they use hydraulic systems.

    Q. Can I Customise the Color and Finish of a Piece of Furniture?
    Absolutely! With our customization choices, you can select the color and finish that best meets your tastes for many of our furniture pieces.

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