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As we got older, we chose different careers based on our interests, such as becoming doctors, engineers, or fashion designers. However, there is one thing that all of these professions have in common: they all finished their studies before attaining their goals as a student, and doing so needed a lot of focus and devotion. Consequently, Wooden Sole creates a remarkable study table that provides you with great comfort to sit for extended periods of time. These wooden study tables have high-shining finishes that make them attractive and strong, and they are highly recommended study tables for students.

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    2 products

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    Modern Study Table (White & Walnut Finish) Rs. 9,999
    Modern Study Table (White & Honey Finish) Rs. 9,999

    Visit Wooden Sole to Select the Latest Study Table for Your Home and Office

    Improve your concentration while studying or working in your office with the most recent study table given by Wooden Sole at a very low cost; shop the Trendy collection within your price range on our website, different types of study table offered by Wooden Sole is listed below:-

    • Wall-Mounted Study Table- If you want to fit a wall-mounted study table in your home or workplace, it will give the area a classy and attractive aspect while providing maximum functionality. This type of furniture is truly a space saver and is very functional in your setting.
    • Adjustable Height Study Table- We provide a study desk that can be adjusted in size and height to ensure that you can sit properly while using it. This adjustable wooden study table is the greatest option if your child is in the growing period because you can easily modify it to fit their changing height and age.
    • Study Cum Bookshelf- A study table with  bookshelf is the ideal piece of furniture for keeping all of your study materials in one location so that you may study every subject without having to fumble around looking for it.
    • Study Table with Drawer Storage- Study tables with drawers are great for saving space in your room since they allow you to store a wide range of items, making it easier to keep your room organised.
    • Corner Study Tables- As the name implies, a corner study table is kept in the room's corner. This table is also used as a handkerchief table and is useful for keeping in the corner of your bedroom or any other coner location in your living room or house.
    • Study Table with Keyboard Tray- Wooden sole computer table allows you to work relentlessly and without interruption while keeping your keyboard in the designated space. 
    • Study Table with Open Storage-  Study tables with open storage are useful for keeping your belongings in their proper places. You can simply remove your study materials without any difficulty because you can see all of them from the outside, making removal quite simple.
    • Study Table with Chair- Rather than having to look for a chair separately, Wooden Sole offers you a chair with a study table that matches the desk and the decor of your home. So, if you want to acquire a study table and chairs at a reasonable price, order from Wooden Sole.
    • Study Table for Bed- If there isn't enough space in your home for a study table, we also provide study tables for beds that provide nearly the same comfort and enable you to concentrate on your work without distractions.
    • Small Study Table- Small study tables are another option that Wooden Sole provides for children because it might be challenging for them to sit at large study tables and do their assignments.

    Study Table - Purchase a Wooden Study Table for Students in Wooden Sole Online at the Lowest Price

    Wooden Sole makes it simple to buy furniture online. You only need to visit our website to see the variety of choices we have available to you. Our delivery service is also very quick; you can get the table of your choice within 15 to 21 days. As a result, do not hesitate to place an online order for a study table from our business.

    Things to Think About When Purchasing the Best Wooden Study Table Online

    Some of the things we should keep in mind before selecting students study table or study table for office online are listed below:-

      • Size- The size of the study table for bedroom that you prefer to place, see which size is suitable for that and is also comfortable for your use and go with your interior.
      • Storage Capacity- How much reading material and supplies the study table can hold In order to avoid regretting your purchase of the study table, specifically seek for that.
      • Room Decor and Aesthetic- In order to improve the attractiveness of your home with the study table décor, choose furniture that complements the interior of your house and helps in enhancing the aesthetic of your home with the study table decoration.
      • Type of Material- Before making the purchase, consider the sort of wood that was used to make the furniture. Because the choice of wood affects how long the furniture will last.
  • Think About the Height of a Study Desk- When purchasing a study table for your child, be sure to check that it can be adjusted in height so that it will adjust with the child's height. 
  • Chair- Is there an additional seat included with the study table from the company? so that you won't need to look for the chair on your own.
  • These are a few minor considerations that you should have in mind before making your final decision to purchase furniture from any store online.

    Trendy and Fashionable Study Table and Chairs from Wooden Sole

    Wooden Sole offers you the best study table online of your choice, we provide trendy and fashionable furniture for our clients. We provide multiple options for everyone to choose the type of study table they are looking for. Not only this but also we offer high customization options for our customers so if you want, you can make changes as per your need and wish our crew is open to all demand you make. Just select the combination you want for your home and we are there to serve you without delay. We deliver your desks in 10 to 21 days, whether you choose a pre-made design or want them customised. Order from our website to receive reasonable study table pricing without waiting or exerting extra effort. 

    Why Choose a Study Table from Wooden Sole for Your Home & Office?

    There are many reasonable reasons to buy furniture from Wooden Sole some of which are explained below:-

    • High Customization Facility- Wooden Sole offers multiple customization facilities at a reasonable study table price.
    • Best Woods -We provide the greatest woods, including acacia, mango, and sheesham, which are ideal for furniture.
    • Excellent Finishes Offered- We provide many finishes, such as honey, walnut, natural, white etc. to give the study table a beautiful appearance and to best complement the décor.
    • Fast Delivery- We offer super fast delivery of our product as we have the best supply chain facility across the country.
    • Multiple Discounts- Wooden Sole provides a number of discounts, including buy two and receive 10% additional off, 5% off at your first purchase and 7% off orders above Rs. 77777.
    • Available 24*7- You can call our toll-free number anytime, day or night, to ask any question because it is open 24 hours a day.


    Q. Which Study Table is the Best?

    A. It's a really open-ended question, but since every product Wooden Sole provides is of the highest quality, you must decide which study table is ideal for your home based on the style of the interior because we have everything, but you must decide what works best for your space.

    Q. Is it Possible to Use a Computer Table as a Study Table? 

    A. Yes, you can use a computer table as a study table if it complements your home's interior since it serves two purposes and can be utilized for both.

    Q. Is a Study Desk Necessary for Students?

    A. It is strongly advised to utilize a study desk if studying for extended periods of time and for better posters, as incorrect seating now could lead to health problems later in the future.

    Q. What Benefits Can a Study Table Offer?

    A. The advantages of a study table are numerous. First of all, it makes it easier to sit still and concentrate for extended periods of time, it helps you keep a better physical profile so you won't experience any health problems later in life, and it gives your home a classic, uncluttered appearance because you can arrange all of your reading materials in one spot.

    Q. What Wood Makes a Good Study Table?

    A. As per the research, Sheesham is the best quality wood and is highly recommended for furniture manufacturing.

    Q. What Is the Average Cost of a Study Table for a Bed? 

    A. The price of the study table for the bed ranges from 9999 to 30000, while actual costs will vary depending on the type of wood, the finishes used, and the manufacturing labor used.

    Q. Should I Purchase a Study Table Online?

    A. Yes, buying a study table online is really advantageous because it allows you to save money on long-distance travel as well as valuable time and gives your child a place to focus for extended periods of time.

    Q. Which Direction Should the Study Table Be Facing?

    A. If you follow Vaastu, it is advised to sit in the north and east. This means the study table should be positioned so that the student is facing north or east when they sit to study.

    Q. Can Wooden Sole Design a Combination Study Table and Chair?

    A. Yes, we sell study table and chair combos. Just browse our website and see the multiple designs on our website.

    Q. What Is the Ideal Size of a Study Table?

    A. The ideal study table size is 30 inches height, however, freestanding desks and study tables can also be made to order in widths between 48 and 72 inches and depths between 24 and 36 inches.

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