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When you are searching for furniture for your lounge room, a Solid Wood Diwan is something you ought to consider, even in a cutting-edge style home. In more established homes in India, Wooden Diwan Models were typical; however, these days, you seldom see this enchanting household item in homes as it is accepted to be customary and outdated for your wooden diwan bed.

    32 products

    32 products

    Style Your House with a Beautiful & Elegant Wooden Diwan. Fun Ways to Utilize Your Diwan


    This is the ideal spot to twist up with a book or stare at the television during the day. Sleeping in the family room on your comfortable Diwan is ideal for the end of the week!

    Additional Bed for an Unforeseen Visitor

    With a Wooden Diwan Sofa in your house, you never have to worry about a guest unexpectedly showing up for the evening. It bends over and is the ideal bed for spending an evening or two in bed.

    Make a Unique Corner.

    If you have a unique occasion in your home, toss on a few beautiful pads to make the best scenery for photographs. Or, on the other hand, make it the best spot to organize gifts or take home gifts. 

    Make a Creative Corner.

    Assuming you have a little niche or veranda somewhere in the house that you don't have the foggiest idea of managing, just put in a Diwan and make an imaginative creative corner with bright tosses and pads. 

    Sorts of Wooden Diwan Design We Customize for Your Home with the Best Quality Woods.

    Traditional Wooden Diwan Bed 

    Assuming you are somebody who likes to keep conventional furniture in their home, then, at that point, this Diwan Wooden Sofa is the ideal decision for you. Made with top-notch wood, this Single Diwan Bed can be set anyplace in your home.

    Contemporary Style Wooden Diwan Set

    This cutting-edge Wooden Divan Beds configuration includes clean lines and a sensible plan. Ideal for those who favour a more smoothed-out thorough search in their room. One well-known pattern in contemporary Diwan Sets is beige, dark, and white. 

    Storage Wooden Diwan Sofa

    This space saving household item is ideally suited for people who need more space and need to keep their rooms clean and coordinated. You can store anything from additional materials and covers to attire, shoes, and adornments. Not any more jumbled wardrobes or spilling-over dressers!

    Classic Style Wooden Diwan Beds

    What truly sets the exemplary Wooden Diwan Bed separated is its easy going style. Dissimilar to more elaborate bed outlines, an excellent Solid Wood Diwan has a basic, unadorned look ideal for anybody who needs to make a loose and welcoming environment in the room.

    Pull-Out Wooden Diwan Design

    The take-out Wooden Diwan Bed is an excellent speculation if you want to enhance your living space. Its take-out Single Diwan Bed configuration permits it to venture into a standard sovereign bed when required, and when not used, it tends to be shut to make for a solitary bed. This makes it ideal for little condos, apartments, or visitor rooms.

    Simple Low-Platform Diwan Set Wooden

    This bed is ideal for any individual who believes that a comfortable spot should rest without forfeiting style or spending plan, which you can undoubtedly get at a bit of value for such a smooth and present-day Wooden Divan Bed.

    Indian Rosewood Diwan Wooden

    If you want to contribute by following through on a little high Wooden Diwan Price cost that stays into the indefinite future, then, at that point, the Indian rosewood diwan bed is perhaps the ideal choice that you will track down on the lookout.

    Firm Sheesham Wood Divan Bed

    Are you searching for a unique and robust Divan bed plan that will endure over the long haul? Consider a solid Sheesham Wood Diwan Bed. The best thing about a complete Solid Wood Divan Bed is that it is exceptionally impervious to water, bugs, and decay.

    Benefits of Diwan Set Wooden

    You could get exhausted from the typical sight of your lounge, seeing a similar couch consistently. Today, Diwan Couch has been outfitted with cutting-edge usefulness and capacity. 

    • The capacity choice in Wooden Divan resembles an aid to the clients since it gets the job done for two purposes simultaneously; the first is the feel. 
    • Second is the capacity to store your front room basics; likewise, you can explore different avenues regarding your Divan Couch and other styling choices.
    • Wooden Diwan Beds are, for the most part, made of hardwood, which is an area of strength for a. So if you put your cash on a Wood Diwan Bed, it would be a wise venture since it wouldn't beg to be spent on the expense of fixes and last longer.


    Q. Which Wood Is Best for Diwan?
    A. Solid Wood, Sheesham Wood, Rosewood, and Teakwood are the best wood for the Diwan set.

    Q. What Is the Price of a Wooden Diwan Bed 6x3?
    A. Solid Wooden Diwan 6x3 without Mattress Product Price: Rs 16,500 / Set Get Best Price

    Q. What Is the Average Diwan Size?
    A. A single-sized divan has a length of 72 inches. A divan bed can come in single, double sizes.

    Q. Which Color Is Best for Diwan?
    A. At Wooden Sole We Have Many options For Colors like Honey Finish, Natural Finish, Walnut Finish, White, Gray Etc.

    Q. What Is the Price of a Wooden Diwan Set?
    The average price of a diwan set could be around 15000 to 25000.

    Q. What Is the Rate of a Wooden Diwan Bed?
    A. Even while modern single Deewan Beds are more affordable and cost less than standard beds, they still offer you the same level of comfort.

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