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Welcome to the terms and condition page of Wood Sole! The moment you access our website or get in touch with us, you are bound to abide by all the terms, conditions, notices, and policies that are mentioned on the page. Even if you do not do any business with us or do not register on our website, you are still liable for accepting our policies and conditions. 

Throughout the page, the terms mentioned like we, our, and we allude to Wood Sole. We request you go through all the terms and conditions before using our services or accessing our website content.  All the website users as well as the website visitors, including the merchants, vendors, customers, borrowers, etc., have to obey the terms and conditions. If you disagree with any of the terms mentioned on the site, you may not avail of any services or products.  

Any new product, service, or feature added to the site falls under the existing terms, conditions, and policies. And we are free to make necessary changes to the existing terms with or without prior notice.  

Section 1: Terms Of Our Online Store 

Once you agree to our terms and conditions, you give us your consent that you are at least at the age of majority in your respective state. Also, you cannot exploit any of our products or services for illegal purposes. Further, violating any policies or terms and transmitting any viruses or malware codes is strictly prohibited. A breach of any single term and condition is considered as an ill-activity, which would result in immediate cancellation of your membership, active services, etc.

Section 2: General Terms & Conditions 

We have the privilege of terminating the services and agreements of any user at any moment, regardless of the reason. You must comprehend that the details you share with us excluding your credit card details could be transmitted over a wide array of networks without encryption. Also, they may be subjected to go through required changes in order to adapt to the technical necessities of any specific devices or networks. While sharing your credit card credentials, you can stay relaxed as all the sensitive data you share with us is end-to-end encrypted while transferring the data through different networks. All the images, content, and anything present on the website is well-protected and secured with Copyright Act. So you cannot copy, duplicate, reproduce, sell, or exploit any portion of the website content without our written consent. 

Section 3: Integrity, Timeliness, and  Accuracy

The content and material present on the website is just for general information and must not be trusted blindly to make any decision. We do not take any responsibility if the content mentioned on the site is slightly inaccurate, incomplete, or not recent. Before making any decision or taking an action, you must cross-check the details with more reliable, recent and accurate sources. If you rely on any details or information present on the site, you do it with your own responsibility. As mentioned earlier we can alter or modify the existing information on-site, and you are obliged to monitor the modifications.

Section 4: Alterations in Prices And Services

All the services and prices of the enlisted products on our website can be alternated and modified anytime without any notice or announcement. Also, we have the right of discontinuing any services or removing any product from our site without promulgation. We take no liability in case of suspending service or changing a product price.

Section 5: Services And Products

After the products are delivered to the customers, they can return or replace them only if the reason matches our Return Policy. We have tried our best to exhibit the products, in terms of their colours and detailing, as precisely as we could. However, we can't promise you that the system or screen you are using to access our website will show the same original colour. Under no obligation, we possess the right of restricting our business to any jurisdiction, people, or geographic location.  The descriptions and prices of the products can be modified at any time with no prior notice. Also, we do not assure you the quality of any products you purchase or take will match your expectations and that no fault in the service will be fixed as per your anticipations.

Section 6: Preciseness in Account Information & Billing

We possess the right of restricting or refusing any order any user places with us in certain circumstances like when orders are placed by a similar user account, credit card or billing address. However, Before cancelling or refusing an order we will notify the users through their contact details, including the phone number and the email ID provided during the order placement.

You must comply with the fact of providing current, complete, and accurate account details while making the purchases. You must put your correct billing address, and update your credit card number along with its expiration date and all necessary credentials to complete a transaction. Read our Return Policy for a clearer idea.

SECTION 7 - Third-party  Tools

We might give you access to some third-party sites and tools over which we do not have any control. Neither are we responsible for monitoring the activity of these optional tools. In case you want to use those third-party optional tools, and share your credentials with the same, do it at your own risk. We will not take any responsibility. We could also introduce new features or new amenities through the website (which includes launching new resources & tools). Those new features would be subjected to the same terms of Service.

SECTION 8 - Third-party Links

Certain website content, services, products, and images accessible through our services may have materials taken from third-party resources. These third-party links could redirect you to third-party websites which are not connected to us. We cannot be held liable for assessing the accuracy of the material, services, and products present on those third-party sites. Please carefully check the authenticity of the content, resources, and services displayed on those sites before engaging in any type of transaction as we will not take any responsibility for any mishap or fraudulence. Lodging complaints, concerns, and claims concerning those third-party products should be subjected to those third-party sources.

SECTION 9 - Comments & Feedback

We may edit, publish, modify, copy, and translate the ideas, proposals, and creative content or suggestions you submit to us via mail, postal mail or through comments at our request or on your own and you agree with the same. Under no obligation, we may act in removing any inappropriate content and you must not write anything unlawful, threatening, pornographic, or defamatory comment that can hurt the sentiment of other users. Further, your comment must not have any malware links, worms, or viruses that could affect the performance of the site.  Also, you agree that the comments you post will not infract the privileges of any third-party tool or resource, including trademark, copyright, privacy, or proprietary or personal right. You also must not use any false identity or pretend to be someone else and use your own authentic email ID.

SECTION 10 - Personal Credentials

The personal details you share with us while registering to our site, placing your order, participating in our contests, etc., are stored for a certain period of time and controlled by our Privacy Policy.

SECTION 11 -  Incorrectness, Inaccuracies, And Exclusions

There could be materials on our website or in our services that may have typographical incorrectness, mistakes, and exclusions related to our enlisted products, their descriptions, offers, promotions, discounts, pricing plans, availability, shipping charges, etc seldom. And we have the permit to correct the flaws in the existing information, update, modify, or even remove it anytime without any notice (even after you place your order). We do not carry the responsibility of notifying you about those changes in the product or service details. Also, we are not liable to constantly update our website material unless it is stated by law.

SECTION 12 -Prohibitions

You are strictly prohibited from (a) using our site content without seeking our permission (b) provoking others to do the same, (c) breaching any federal, international, or state rules, regulations, local ordinances or laws, (d) breaking our or others' intellectual property rights, (e) harassing, insulting, harming, defaming, threatening, intimidating, discriminating or abusing other users based on nationality, racism, disability, sexual orientation, gender, region, ethnicity, or anything else, (f) spreading or submitting misleading, or false information, (g) transmitting malware codes or viruses to our website, (h) tracking and exploiting others' personal credentials, (phishing, spamming, crawling, etc for any disgraceful purposes.  In case we notice any of these activities on your part, we have the right to terminate your membership or registration with us immediately.

SECTION 13 - Limitations And Disclaimers

We cannot be held responsible for any interruptions or untimeliness, or errors in the services you are availing of from us. Also, we reserve the right of removing or cancelling any of our services at any time, with no prior notice. You agree to do business with us at your own risk, later you cannot hold us liable for any damage, loss of data, or profit.  This applies even if we were advised of the possibility of such damages. Also, in some circumstances, we may not be permitted to restrict our liability, therefore, our liability would be restricted to the maximum extent allowed by the law.

SECTION 14 - Amends And Indemnity

With your continued access to our website and services, you give your consent to defend, protect, and compensate Wood Sole and its entire team, including the parents, partners, directors, officers, affiliates, subsidiaries, contractors, service providers, licensors, etc. on violating any of the mentioned Terms of Service. You agree to protect us from any demands and claims, along with compensating the attorney's charge for any event raised by any third party or occurring due to a violation or breach of the laws.

SECTION 15 - Severability

In case any part of the mentioned Terms of Service is proven to be unenforceable, it is void. Or illegal, then those parts will be eliminated from the applicable terms as per the law. However, the remaining parts of the Terms of Service will still apply. The exclusion of the terms shall not affect the enforceability or legality of the remaining parts.

SECTION 16 - Termination

The termination of the agreement shall not affect the users' responsibilities and obligations held before the date of termination. Unless or until either we or you terminate the agreement, these mentioned Terms of Service are applicable. In case you want to stop accessing our site, these terms and conditions will no longer be applicable. Similarly, we also hold the right to terminate your agreement at any time for violation of our laws without giving you any notice. However, even after the termination of the agreement, you are still bound to clear all the due amount (if there is any) on your part, even if the due amount is dated on ase same date of your termination.

SECTION 17 - Total Agreement

If any rules remain unenforced in these Terms of Service, it does not suggest that we give up on them. The terms, conditions, and policies mentioned on our site are the sole agreements our users and web visitors share with each other for accessing our website or availing of our services, replacing the earlier agreements. Any disagreement in how these terms of service should be read must not be used against the party who drafted them.

SECTION 18 - Governing Laws

The Terms of Service and all the other agreements mentioned on the page are necessary to follow to continue accessing our website and acquiring our services. And all these rules are subject to being interpreted as per the laws of India. Hence, any disputes or legal issues related to the services will be administered according to Indian law.

SECTION 19 - Changes & Modifications of the Terms Of Service

On the Terms and Conditions page of our website, you can read the most recent version of our Terms of Service. We possess the right to change, modify, update,, or replace any provisions of these terms, policies, and conditions, at our sole discretion at any time. The responsibility of posting the updated Terms of Service periodically. Your continued access to our website after the changes in terms and conditions conveys your acceptance of those modifications.

SECTION 20: Contact Details

If you have any questions about the Terms of Service, please contact us at 9982474774

Or you can also choose to write to us at —