Types of Wood

Furnishing & Wooden Furniture are a lifetime investment, and we at Wooden Sole understand it and craft the finest wooden furniture with superior-quality Mango wood, Acacia, and Sheesham wood. Before using the wood, they are finely seasoned and made termite-proof, weather-resistant, and scratch-proof. Whether you want your Furniture in a natural wooden shade or desire a honey and walnut finish, we have you covered! Our professionals also design white Furniture specifically matching your home interior design. We have created a list to illustrate more about the woods we use while explaining their specialty. Take a look at them now!

Types of Solid Wood We Use:-



Also known as the Indian Rosewood, Sheesham woods are highly-durable, resistant, and hard-wearing. No other wood matches the solidity of Sheesham, thus it's considered one of the best woods to craft household and office furniture. With us, you can explore three different finishes in Sheesham wood -honey, natural wood, and walnut, and each shade is amazing! The most exceptional feature it carries is its fine and unique grain. Its rounded-oval fine lines complemented by visible grains and vibrant color make it one-of-a-kind!



Mango wood is the best-fit choice for crafting rustic-styled furnishings because of its light tint. Available in four different finishes: honey, natural, walnut, and white, mango wood is highly sustainable and less likely to crack or slit. Also, mango wood has a medium to coarse, interlocked, or straight grain work, complemented by a natural luster. It is sturdy, moisture-resistant, and resilient, making it an unparalleled choice for crafting dressers, desks, cabinets, office chairs, dining tables, closets, etc.



Acacia wood is well-known for its robustness, solidity, resistance, and stability. Being highly weather-resistant, Acacia wood can withstand extreme weather conditions, be it cold, drought, or wet. Besides, the wood type is very much immune to fungi and termites and stays in its original shape and color year after year. With a beautiful caramel tint, mild silvery reflections, and natural grain work, Acacia wooden furniture undeniably is a gorgeous addition to homes and offices.



Medium Density Fiberboard, popularly known as engineered wood, is used by our craftsman under the best or for crafting any type of drawer or the backside of furniture. MDF is a product of softwood and hardwood residuals that come with a smooth finish and blends well with any wood type. It's termite-proof, durable enough, and a much more affordable option!