We pledge to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your ordered product, and our product looks exactly the same as shown on our website. 

Damage while transiting:

We employ all preventive measures and handle your order with the utmost care, ensuring safe delivery without any damage. Till now, we have set a record of 96% safe delivery. But if any mishap occurs, we at Wood Sole will make it right for you by replacing the damaged product. However, if you found the product damaged at the time of receiving it, we request that you contact us within 48 hours after the delivery is done. Share with us the photos of the defective product along with its packaging. Our team will further assess the damage and solve the issue quickly. 

If the damage is minor and can be fixed with the assistance of a local carpenter, we are ready to compensate for the charges, or else replace it.  

If the product has a balancing issue or any of its glass or mirror gets damaged, we request that you repair or replace it with the help of a carpenter in your locality, and we will cover the genuine charges.

Manufacturing defect:

We provide a 1-year manufacturing warranty on our furniture products, including the foam we use in the upholstery. However, the fabric of the upholstery is excluded from the coverage

Our goal is to improve the quality of our products with each passing day. The specialty of our products is our personal touch and the concept of handcraft.

Note: We do not offer our warranty on normal wear and tear or minor cuts or scratches.

Wood seasoning:

We select only high-quality wood for manufacturing and conduct several quality assurance tests to check its sustainability, resistance, etc. Our wood is also termite-proof.

Limitations Of Our Warranty 

  • Regular wear and tear because of heavy use

  • Minor scratches, damages, and cuts owing to wrong cleaning methods

  • Damage occurred due to the inappropriate installation of the furniture

  • Fading of color and shine because of direct exposure to sunlight 

  • Wood decay due to constant water exposure

  • Use of harsh chemicals and non-standard dry cleaning technique

  • Cracks of furniture due to the displacement of the item

  • Unevenness of the furniture product up to 5mm because of the differences in floor surface levels. We do not cover this in our warranty

  • We do not accept any post-purchase modification or alterations in the product and this will cancel the entire warranty policy