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Box Storage Beds

A box storage bed serves as both a place to sleep and a place to store a significant amount of items. It is merely a storage room in your house that serves the dual purpose of saving extra room space while providing a sizable area to store goods and maintaining an organised look throughout. Basically, a box bed with storage is made to provide you with a pleasant night's sleep, storage for all of your spare household stuff, and a stunning décor appearance that improves the beauty of your home. Because a modern-day issue demands a modern-day solution.

    34 products

    34 products

    Discover Benefits Associated With Purchasing Box Beds With Drawers

    Wooden Sole will provide you with an incredible online box with drawers and visual experience where you have the ability to check out all the possibilities on our website, where you can explore the beds you need for your home. The first benefit of purchasing box beds with storage is that they give you more room in your home, which you can use for greater purposes rather than merely storing things that make your home look cluttered. This benefit is by far the nicest part of purchasing beds with storage. Additionally, Wooden Sole offers beds storage designed to improve your home's aesthetics and create a clutter-free, aesthetically pleasing appearance. As a result, regardless of the size of your home, we have all the collections that will fit in it and give it an enviable appearance.

    The Several Types of Box Beds We Provide

    We provide a wide range of box bed alternatives for a pleasant lifestyle and clutter-free appearance. Here is a list of some box beds.

    • Queen Size Box Bed with Storage

    This bed is somewhat smaller than a king size bed. yet it is perfect for two people. Additionally, when the bed has storage, its functionality increases.

  • Poster Box Bed with Storage
  • We offer poster beds, which give your bedroom a classic appearance, together with a box bed storage space to house excess items from your home.

  • King Size Box Bed with Storage
  • Excellent for individuals who need greater space to relax or for couples with a single child who require a little more space. Additionally, the headboard and sideboard on these king-size box bed furniture can be used to store extra household items.

    • Single Box Bed with Storage

    It is the smallest size box bed offered by Wooden Sole and takes up very little room in your home. However, keep more stuff inside of it to provide your home with extra space for subsequent purchases.

    • Double Box Bed with Storage

    Despite being smaller than king and queen size beds, this type of bed is perfect for two people to fit in. Its increased storage give you more surface area to store more stuffs 

    • Platform Box Bed with Storage

    A rectangular frame with cross-bed slats that are positioned a few inches apart to support the mattress makes up the platform bed. Additionally, Wooden Sole has a concealed storage option inside the platform bed to increase functionality and offer two benefits for the price of one.

    Get the Highest-Quality Furniture with Utmost Functionality and Classy Look

    For the construction of wooden box beds with storage, we only use premium woods. We mostly choose sheesham, mango, acacia, and babul on customer demand, among other woods, to create our products since they are easy to work with, highly water resistant, and insect resistant, all of which contribute to the strength and durability of our beds. Additionally, we employ a variety of fabrics that are incredibly practical, appropriate, and long-lasting. Additionally, we add diverse finishes to give box bed furniture a unique and attractive design that dramatically improves the appearance of your home with little work. Consequently, Wooden Sole would be the ideal choice for someone looking for furniture that serves two purposes. In addition, we provide beds that enhance the beauty of your home or provide a nice decor look.

    Fascinating Customization Work Done by the Crew of Wooden Sole:-

    Wooden Sole provides a fascinating opportunity to our valued customers, where the clients just make a combination and our crew give you the exact box bed with drawers as demanded. Therefore an online furniture store provided by Wooden Sole is 24x7 available for our clients to place custom furniture orders of any type of their choice.


    Q. When Compared to Regular Beds, Why Are Box Beds Better?

    A. Yes, box beds are absolutely superior to regular beds. The reason for this is that in addition to being durable and comfy, box beds will also give you extra area to keep your critical belongings; otherwise, you could need a separate room. Additionally, if you store extra items in box beds, your home will appear more organised.

    Q. How Much Storage Does a Box Bed Typically Have?

    A. A box bed with storage is highly preferred by people now because of the extra space added in the furniture to store additional goods inside it. Generally, box beds have ample space to put extra stuff inside it. Although the number of drawers varies from one box bed to another, it may vary from 2 to 6 drawers but in general 2-3 drawers are always present.

    Q. Can the Box Bed Support a Significant Amount of Weight?

    A. The box bed with storage can sustain a specific amount of weight, but it's vital to remember that depending on the model and brand, the capacity of the box can vary up to a certain limit. But typically, a box bed can sustain 300 lbs-500 lbs. Generally as instructed you should not overload your bed as it may cause damage to it.

    Q. What Kind of Wood Is Ideal for a Box Bed?

    A. Well, we offer 4 types of wood and all kinds of different strength points, but Sheesham and mango wood is the most widely used one because it has the highest strength and moisture resistance of all.

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