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The stunning selection of double beds from Wooden Sole will enhance the look of your bedroom and maximize your storage options. Our specially chosen collection of double beds guarantees not only opulent comfort but also effortlessly combines functionality. Our double bed with storage is expertly crafted to meet contemporary demands while showcasing wood's everlasting appeal. Whether your taste is more traditional elegance or contemporary minimalism, our wooden double bed will seamlessly fit in and become the focal point of your haven. The double beds from Wooden Sole will enhance your bedroom with their classic style and practicality. Our selection of wooden double beds is the ideal focal point for any bedroom since they combine comfort and style. Our double beds come with built-in storage compartments, so you can clear your space while retaining a stylish look. Enjoy the convenience of extra storage space. Our wooden double beds beautifully combine design and functionality to provide you with a cozy refuge that displays charm and sophistication.

    160 products

    160 products

    Find the Best Rates on Double Beds: Buy Double Beds Online in India

    Want to enhance your bedroom with double bed furniture? Visit Wooden Sole for the best variety of double beds available online in India. Browse our selection for a variety of solutions that will fit your preferences and find the ideal fusion of comfort and elegance. We have everything, including classy oak double beds and useful double beds with storage compartments. With us, you can get the most affordable double bed price delhi and all of India. Improve your sleep quality with an affordable wooden double cot price that aims to turn your bedroom into a peaceful haven.

    Check out the unique selection of double beds from Wooden Sole to update your bedroom with the latest furniture styles. We guarantee that you won't have to sacrifice quality or design because we have exceptional deals on wooden double bed price. You can rely on us to offer the most affordable double bed costs whether you're in Delhi or somewhere else in India. Explore our collection today to find your perfect wooden double cot bed at the lowest price. Don't miss the chance to give your bedroom a touch of elegance and comfort.

    Key Factors to Consider for Buying a Double Bed Online in India

    There are a few factors you should think about when purchasing a double bed in India online to make sure you make an informed choice. Here are some crucial things to bear in mind:

    Size: Queen and King-sized double beds are the most common in India. Check that the bed size fits in your bedroom without being too crowded.

    Material: Consider the bed frame's material. Wood (Sheesham, teak, plywood), metal, and engineered wood products are common materials. Select a material based on your criteria for appearance, toughness, and maintenance.

    Design and Style: There are many different wooden double bed designs and styles available online. Buy double bed online that goes well with the furniture in your bedroom. Options include minimalist, traditional, modern, or contemporary styles.

    Storage: If your bedroom needs more space for storage, think about a double bed with built-in drawers or a hydraulic lifting double bed with storage. Particularly in smaller bedrooms, this double cot wooden can be helpful.

    Mattress Compatibility: Check that the double bed is suitable for the kind and size of bedding you plan to use. Some beds could have particular specifications regarding the thickness or kind of mattress.

    Quality and Durability: Look over the bed frame's joints, finish, and general construction to see how well it is made. To guarantee the bed lasts a long time, look for sturdy materials and solid craftsmanship.

    Price and Budget: Set a spending limit for your new double cot bed price and look into options within it. Take note of any additional expenses, such as shipping costs, assembly costs, etc.

    Reviews and Ratings: Check reviews from previous customers to get an overview of the product's level of comfort, quality, and overall satisfaction. Find reputable online furniture store with excellent user reviews.

    Installation and Assembly: Verify that the bed double bed comes with detailed installation instructions or that the shop provides expert assembly services. Make sure the bed is simple to install and put together.

    Shipping and Delivery: Verify the double bed's expected delivery date. Make sure the shipment method is reliable and that it works into your schedule, particularly if you need it within a specific time.

    Elegant Wooden Double Beds for Your Bedroom: Buy Online for Comfort and Elegance:

    Solid Wood Double Bed: These beds are made from premium wood and can have detailed carvings and decorations. They provide your bedroom with a timeless, traditional appeal. The finishes of solid wood double beds include Sheesham, mango, acacia and others. They are a long-lasting option because they are strong and resilient.

    Double Bed with Fabric Upholstery: Beds with fabric upholstery often feature a padded headboard and occasionally a padded frame. They look cozy and inviting, which makes them ideal for reading and relaxing. Upholstered double beds are available in a range of materials, including leather, velvet, and linen, and they can be customized bed with upholstery, size, or decorative stitching.

    Drawer Double Bed: These beds are created with built-in drawers below the mattress area. This layout maximizes the amount of storage in your bedroom by including concealed spaces for clothing, bed linens, and other goods. In smaller bedrooms, double beds with drawers are very useful.

    Box Double Bed: Box beds are famous for their small size and simple aesthetic. They often don't have a headboard or footboard, only a plain rectangular frame. To meet your unique demands, our selection comprises a variety of choices, such as double bed with box and double beds with storage. This design provides a neat and simple appearance, making it perfect for modern and minimalist interiors.

    Hydraulic Double Bed: A mechanism in hydraulic or lift-up beds makes it simple to raise the mattress platform to reach the storage space below. This is a wise decision if you want to maximize storage in your bedroom and keep it looking fashionable.

    King Size Double Beds: King-size double beds are larger than regular double beds and offer plenty of room for couples or single people who desire more space while they sleep. They are available in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary, and give the bedroom an opulent appearance.

    Queen Size Double Beds: Queen-size double beds are a common option for small bedrooms. They provide a cozy sleeping place for couples or lone occupants without taking up too much space. Queen beds are available in a variety of styles, making it simple to pick one that matches the aesthetic of your bedroom.

    Platform Double Bed: Low-profile platform beds have a solid platform that directly supports the mattress. They frequently look sleek and contemporary because they don't have a box spring. Platform double beds are flexible for different bedroom aesthetics because they are available in a variety of materials and styles, including wooden, metal, and upholstered.

    Folding Double Bed: Folding or rollaway beds are useful options for guest rooms or smaller spaces. When not in use, they may be folded and stored, which offers flexibility and saves space. For enhanced comfort, some folding double beds have luxurious foam mattresses.

    Poster Double Bed: Poster beds, referred to as four-poster beds, include tall posts at each corner. To give these posts an opulent and cozy air, you can dress them up with curtains or decorative finials. Poster double beds come in a variety of designs, from the conventional to the modern.

    Canopy Double Bed: Canopy beds have a framework with four posts that are connected by a top frame, giving the bed's headboard the appearance of a canopy. You can give the canopy a romantic and royal air by draping it with sheer curtains or cloth.

    Discover Stylish Double Beds Online with Smart Storage Choices

    Our selection of double beds will improve the usefulness and appearance of your bedroom. They are built to meet your storage demands while retaining a chic appearance. Browse the online selection at Wooden Sole to find the ideal double bed for your needs.

    Look for Smart Storage Options: Double Bed Online with Storage

    Improve the design and storage of your bedroom with one of our selections of double beds that come with clever storage options. Discover cutting-edge styles that flawlessly combine fashion and utility.

    Upgrade Your Space: Double Bed Online

    With our extensive selection of double beds online, redefine your resting sanctuary. The ideal match should represent your particular style and guarantee both comfort and quality.

    Comfort at Your Fingertips: Buy Double Bed Online

    Browse our wide selection of online double beds and enjoy hassle-free buying. Pick from a range of styles that guarantee both beautiful features and superior functionality.

    Classy Simple Storage: Double Bed with Box Storage:

    Embrace class and elegance with a double bed that includes covert box storage. Enjoy the perfect blending of beauty and utility as your bed provides both comfort and enough space to clear your room of clutter.

    Modern Comfort with Hidden Storage: Double Bed with Hydraulic Storage:

    Improve the functionality of your bedroom with a double bed with hydraulic storage. Lift your mattress effortlessly to have access to hidden storage areas, fusing modern form with smart efficiency.

    Organize with style: Double Bed with Drawer Storage:

    A double bed with built-in drawers will maximize the storage potential of your bedroom. Enjoy a clutter-free space without sacrificing flair thanks to these beds' perfect blend of practicality and beauty.

    Simple Storage Options: Double Beds with Storage Drawers:

    Our collection of double beds, each with effectively designed storage drawers, will teach you the art of space utilization. Improve the ambiance of your space while keeping necessities out of sight and within easy reach.

    Explore Exceptional Benefits: Why Choose Wooden Sole when Buying Double Beds Online?

    When buying double beds online, Wooden Sole is a fantastic option because of its wide range of remarkable advantages. Consider using Wooden Sole when buying a double bed if you want to for the following reasons:

    • Superior Quality of Craftsmanship: Wooden Sole is known for its dedication to the craftsmanship of High Quality. Their double beds are expertly and carefully made, guaranteeing that you get a product that is not only useful but also attractive and long-lasting.
    • Variety of Designs: There are many different double beds designs available from Wooden Sole. Whether you're looking for a bed in a modern, traditional, or contemporary style, you're certain to discover one that matches your preferences and enhances the design of your bedroom.
    • High-quality Materials: A double bed's comfort and longevity can be greatly impacted by the material choice. To ensure that its mattresses are long-lasting and comfortable, Wooden Sole uses top-notch materials like solid wood and excellent upholstery.
    • Customization Choices: Wooden Sole may provide customization possibilities if you're seeking a double bed that's fitted to your tastes. To design a bed that fits your concept, you may perhaps select the kind of wood, finish, fabric for the upholstery, and other characteristics.
    • The Convenience of Online Purchasing: Wooden Sole offers the comfort of Online purchasing double beds from the comfort of your home. You can look through their inventory, analyse various choices, read feedback from customers, and come to a well-informed selection without visiting the showroom.
    • Customer Reviews and Ratings: Through customer reviews and ratings, you can find out more about the durability and functionality of Wooden Sole double beds. You'll be more prepared for what to expect if you can learn from the actual experiences of other customers.
    • Safe Online Shopping: Reliable online furniture store like Wooden Sole often place a high priority on secure online transactions, protecting your personal data and credit card information.
    • Delivery and Assembly Services: Wooden Sole can offer shipping and assembly services, saving you the trouble of organizing transport and installing the double bed yourself.


    Q. What Is a Double Bed?
    A. A double bed, commonly referred to as a full-size bed, is a regular-sized bed made to comfortably fit two adults. It typically has a width of 54 inches and a length of 75 inches.

    Q. What Is the Size of a Double Bed Compared to Other Bed Sizes?
    A. A double bed is somewhat smaller than a queen-size bed and bigger than a single bed. Compared to a single bed it offers more space for sleeping, but a queen offers more width and length. 

    Q. Can Two Adults Fit in a Double Bed Without Being Uncomfortable?
    A. A double bed can fit two adults, but it can be too small for couples that prefer having more space for shifting around while they sleep. It's a good option for those who only sleep alone.

    Q. Are Double Beds Good for Guest Rooms?
    A. Yes, double beds are a common option for guest rooms, particularly when there is a limited amount of space. They are more compact than larger bed sizes and provide space for a single visitor or a couple.

    Q. Which Kinds of Mattresses Operate Best in Double Beds?
    A. A standard full-size mattress can fit in most double beds. Depending on your taste for comfort, you can select from a variety of mattress types, like foam, innerspring, hybrid, and latex.

    Q. Do Double Beds Have Storage Capabilities?
    A. Yes, a lot of double beds have storage. You can discover models with additional storage for clothing, bedding, and other goods in the form of drawers, shelves, or lift-up mechanisms.

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