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The word "lounge" is derived from the French verb s'allonger, which means "to lounge about, lie at full length." A lounge chair is high-end upholstered furniture with an elegant design and exceptional levels of comfort. Layer your living area with your favorite's items to give it a more personalized vibe. As per its name, lounge sofas are very comfortable and relaxing pieces of furniture which makes your tiring day refreshing. Wooden Sole offers lounge chairs of different designs which is perfect for the interior of your place. We also offer a customization process where you get custom lounge furniture of your choice. Wooden Sole have various options of chairs for living room, bedroom etc., just place an order and make your life comfortable and relaxed.

    100 products

    100 products

    Feel More Comfortable with Wooden Sole's Lounge Chairs:

    Nothing matches the coziness of a lounge chair for unwinding and finding relaxation after a long day. In addition to offering a comfortable seating choice, lounge chairs can give a room a refined air. The best place to find high-quality velvet lounge chairs that perfectly blend design and comfort is Wooden Sole. Explore the lounge chairs from our online furniture store, which come in a variety of styles, each one designed to suit a certain taste or desire.

    The lounge chair selection from Wooden Sole is your key to achieving the ultimate in comfort while designing a warm and welcoming area for relaxing. You may choose from a wide selection of wing back chairs at Wooden Sole that are created with your comfort in mind. Each chair features modern designs and velvety cushions to offer the ideal combination of support and relaxation. 

    Wooden Sole provides the perfect solution to suit your particular preferences, whether you want a high-back lounge chair that covers you in a feeling of relaxation, a low-back lounge chair that oozes modern elegance, or an armless lounge chair that offers adaptability and freedom of movement. Each chair is made with meticulous attention to detail and quality, assuring both longevity and aesthetic appeal, making them a lasting investment in your well-being. Enjoy the soft luxury of Wooden Sole's wing chairs and turn your room into a peaceful retreat where you can relax and recharge in the finest comfort.

    To Improve Your Space, Select the Best Lounge Chair Design

    In this fast changing fashion you have multiple options to choose from depending on your design and pattern preferences here are few examples which you can consider while buying lounge furniture's for your home:-

    • High Back Lounge Chairs- High back lounge chairs support you all the way up when you lean back, this style of chair is ideal for people who suffer from neck or shoulder problems. A high-back chair simply supports your upper and lower back better while relieving pressure on your neck and shoulders.
    • Low Back Lounge Chairs- Low back lounge furniture are designed in such a way that it's comfortable and stylish along with that. Low back chair lounges, as opposed to traditional desk chairs, support the neck and lumbar region, keeping the spine in a neutral position. In addition to easing discomfort and exhaustion, this can aid in avoiding chronic issues like back pain in the long run.
    • Armless Lounge Chairs- These armless chairs were first created in the 18th century and were designed to be kept close to women's makeup vanity tables. For this reason, they have short legs that fit comfortably in the vanity area, allowing women to apply makeup and get ready in comfort. However, these chairs lounge are now used in a variety of settings, including bed room chairs, living rooms, restaurants, and many other places.

    Inspect the Material of the Modern Lounge Chair.

    The primary determinant of a product's durability is its material since the raw materials used in a product's production process affect its quality, durability, and other properties.

    • Fabric Lounge Chair- Fabric lounge chairs may easily be incorporated into any style of décor to match or enhance existing furnishings because they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Soft, upholstered fabric provides a comfortable and welcoming surface that is used to cover the seat of a fabric lounge chair. It is a well-liked option for many people because fabric lounge chairs are simple to maintain and clean.
    • Wooden Lounge Chair- Sheesham, mango, and acacia are just a few of the tough raw woods offered by Wooden Sole. For producing furniture, these woods are advantageous since they are lightweight and relatively moisture-resistant. We may also get a variety of these ancient and classic woods in India, and these furniture give our homes a historical appearance.
    • Metal Lounge Chair- Lounge chairs with metal bases convey both comfort and lightness. It's not necessary for lounge chairs to be large or to have substantial bases that seem permanently fixed to the ground. Metal lounges are designed to offer comfortable seating that is lightweight and simple to move or clean. Metal is a resilient substance that can survive daily use's wear and tear. 
    • Leatherette Lounge Chair- leather lounge chairs are luxurious furniture which are pocket friendly, easy to maintain, highly durable as well as water resistant therefore it has high functionality with the appearance. And best if you have children and pets at home.

    Buy Lounge Furniture for Your Home's Multiple Spaces

    Want to purchase lounge furniture? What type of furniture should you get at this point? The best way to choose a lounge chair with ottoman for your house is to first decide where you want to put it before looking at the many possibilities. Does it match your home's décor? Because Wooden Sole offers a variety of indoor and outdoor lounge chairs as per your preference. Some examples are listed below;-

    • Lounge Chair Outdoor- In today's modern age, spending some quiet time with outdoor lounge chairs in your garden to unwind and breathe in the fresh air might help you stay calm and collected.
    • Balcony Lounge Chair- Nowadays, people would rather buy flats than acquire land and then build a house on it because buying an apartment takes less time and requires less effort. The only way to enjoy nature is therefore from a balcony, therefore purchase lounge chairs from Wooden Sole and spend quality time with your family on your balcony and make it memorable.
    • Office Lounge Chair- If you want to get a chair for office lounge, keep in mind that it should be supportive of your neck and shoulders and comfortable for long periods of time sitting so that you may work for extended periods of time without experiencing back or neck pain.
    • Lounge Chair for Bedroom- Visit our website to see the options available. We also have custom chairs option, so call if you want some changes; our professionals will help you without charging you an arm and a leg. Wooden Sole has a variety of colors and designs of chairs for bedroom lounges that match with the décor and interior of your bedroom.
    • Lounge Chairs for the Living Room- we also provide chaise lounge chairs for living rooms. So don’t worry, just inform our sales team if you are confused about which chairs living room furniture you should choose for a different location of your home, we provide expert guidance without any additional charges.

    Things to Think About Before Purchasing Lounge Chairs Online

    Few things you should keep in mind while making the decision to buy lounge seating for your space.

    • Size- The most important thing is to see the size of your place and then order lounge sofa chairs and buy the one which makes your space look bigger and attractive, not cluttered and packed.
    • Comfort- Make sure the furniture is cozy and suitable for prolonged use before making a purchase. Because the investment you are making in your home is significant.
    • Price- As price varies with lots of factors but compare the prices with other rivals in the market so that you don’t feel cheated after buying lounge furniture.
    • Material- Do some research on the materials used to make modern lounge chairs because, when purchasing lounge chairs online, you are more likely to focus on the model and design than the most crucial aspect, the materials used to create the sofa or other piece of furniture, as the latter is what determines the furniture's durability. 
    • Style- In our rapidly changing world, fashion plays a significant role that may affect your purchasing selections or cause you to abstain from making them. Check the lounge chair design before buying it, then, to avoid regretting your furniture purchase.

    You May Easily Purchase Lounge Chairs from Wooden Sole Online

    With Wooden Sole, purchasing a lounge chair online is quite simple. You merely need to visit our website, look through the possibilities, and contact a sales team if you're unsure about what to buy. They will assist you in choosing the one that best suits your location and home's décor. Likewise without levying any additional fees.


    Q. What Exactly Are the Lounge Chairs?
    A. lounge chair is defined as a "chair with or without armrests, a more curved back, and gently padded shell."

    Q. Which Lounge Chairs Are the Most Comfy?
    A. The chaise lounges have arms that are properly positioned on the chair. In addition to providing support for your arms, a chair should also have a footrest so you can sit comfortably with your feet up on it. These things make lounge chairs very comfy.

    Q. What Is the Typical Lounge Chair Size?
    A. The lounge chairs come in a variety of sizes, but the typical size can accommodate up to 90 to 100 cm of width and 100 to 112 cm of depth.

    Q. What Is the Weight of a Lounge Chair?
    A. The weight of lounge chairs varies according to the materials used, but they typically weigh depending on the materials used and other circumstances, a typical lounge chair could weigh anywhere between 40 to 80 kg.

    Q. What Are the Materials Used in Manufacturing Lounge Chairs?
    Wooden Sole uses robust and lasting materials to make the lounge chairs, whether it's wood & fabric upholstery. We take care at every stage to maintain the product's quality. 

    • Woods- we use solid wood
    • Fabrics- cotton and velvet
    • Finishes- walnut, honey, natural and white.

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